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Stephan Schuermann has recently announced plans to make public the evils perpetrated by the U.S. President, some government officials and other such individuals that have aided the kidnapping of his son, Duke Sean Schuermann, by his former partner, Jubilie Anqui.

Stephan Schuermann has been in the news not for the good reasons, after writing several letters to the U.S. President, Mr. Trump, and other persons in high places concerning the kidnapping of his son, Duke Sean Schuermann, by his illegal Filipino immigrant wife, Jubilie Anqui.

Duke Sean Schuermann was illegally kidnapped and wrongfully retained by his mother and has remained an illegal immigrant in the United States for a couple of years. This has led to the son being deprived of the care and attention required to raise a responsible adult in the future. Jubilie has been able to achieve her mission due to the support she has been getting from her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick and corrupt family court judges

Stephan’s efforts to ensure the quick return of his son has also remained futile after the several letters written to Trump and other top government officials like Governor Rick Scott, Trey Gowdy have led to no action from even the quite vocal and advocate of cleaning the country off illegal immigrants, Donald Trump.

While this inaction could be as a result of the deliberate negligence by the President, it could also translate to the inefficiency of the office of the president and other such individuals. Regardless of the reason for the inaction, it is clear that there is more to this case than meets the eyes and the president probably cares more about his Twitter handle than he does for the citizens of his country.

The negligence of the failed and corrupt leaders, with the president inclusive, is one topic that Americans need to pay attention to. It also goes a long way to show how much value these officials place on the lives of innocent American citizens.

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