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The KG Training and Assessing is proud at having obtained the license to perform high risk work for their clients and as a part of their training.

After receiving this license, the KG Training and Assessing organization became a member of a group of only five similar registered training organizations or RTO. Due to excellent work in the employee training business for over 7 years, the Australian Qualifications Framework released the license of performing high risk work to the organization. The company’s management hierarchy was “excited” and “grateful” and was quoted saying “looking forward to the opportunity to grow and improve”.

The training and assessing organization takes great pride in its commitment to providing professional onsite training, promoting occupational health and safety and expanding their professional consultation services. The license will help the organization grow in many aspects and will make its trainees eligible for a variety of other tasks. It will also help the Australian construction and mining industry by training the workers necessary for high risk work. Prior to receiving the license, the organization was reputable for its nationally recognized training, work at high altitudes, registering maintenance and issuing verification of competency certificates (VOC). This latest license will increase the domain of their work and training. It will make them able to perform a number of services that come with a high safety risk such as forklift operations, elevated work platform activity, dogging processes, rigging and scaffold operations, confined spaced entry work and crane operations.

About The KG Training And Assessing Organization:

Since becoming an officially recognized training facility in 2000, the KGTA organization has shown incredible growth. Their head office is based in Rockingham, Western Australia which runs the entire operation. The organization has been involved in most major construction projects in Australia providing trained workers for a variety of tasks. Their facility includes separate training arrangements for specific purposes. The training is given by professional trainers with years of experience in the relevant field and also having the necessary field exposure.

Since the beginning, The KGTA Company has always shown a great desire to make progress every year and to improve the quality of their training program by exposing their trainees to different situations and problems. They also believe in providing on site, real time, expertly guided schooling. Personal safety is prioritized by the organization by giving the necessary basic medical aid and accident response education for all the trainees, professionals and contractors. They organization carries out monthly safety inspections, daily tool box meetings, monthly safety and health improving seminars as well as providing continuous monitoring of the training facilities or worksite. The training is in compliance to the regulations of the Australian Qualifications Framework and other related legislative requirements, policy and procedures.

The management team of KGTA consults with their client regarding a project, its plans and progress along the way, ensuring trust, quality and customer satisfaction. The only way for KGTA to ensure maximum client satisfaction is by providing the best possible training to their trainees. The trainees at KGTA are trained to provide an immediate assessment of an onsite situation, the desired work plan and the arrangements required to solve the problem. The recently acquired license of doing high risk work is Rio Tinto approved which means the organization can now provide high risk training to Rio Tinto employees within regulated standards.

KGTA train employees for all kinds of site situations like heights gap training etc. The KGTA organization has had a number of important clients over the past few years being involved in the most major projects all over Australia. The goal of the organization is to expand and improve, keeping their quality and vision unchanged. Some major project the KGTA was a part of are: Gorgon Project, Wellington Dam Project, Ord Irrigation Expansion Project, Sino Iron Ore Project, Solomon Hub Project, Argyle Diamond Mine ,Tom Price Mine, Devils Creek Development Project and the Worsley Refinery project.

The KGTA Company is exposed to auditing by the Training Accreditation council (TAC), which ensures that the quality of the organization remains in line with the necessary requirements. The organization is also in regular contract with the construction industry for acquirement of the latest tools and technology in the business. KGTA is also a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIWA) American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AMCHAM), the National Registered Assessors Association (NRAA/Tranznet) and the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET).

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Company: KG Training And Assessing Organization
Address: Unit 1 / 8 Day Rd, Rockingham, WA 6168, Australia
Phone: 08 6230 2722
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