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An innovative company is preparing to launch their first crowdfunding campaign for a fantastic new product. Renaisscent is proud to announce that on the 18th October they will launch a crowdfunding campaign to produce and sell a customizable, waterless smart diffuser.

Since the new device does not require water or heat to function, it is remarkably different to other diffusers on the market. Instead, the device is fan powered by batteries that can be recharged through a sleek micro USB port. As the system is completely portable and functions without connectivity to an outlet, Renaisscent believes it will give customers a safer, superior experience.

The product was designed to utilize sophisticated technology and be the perfect fit for a contemporary home environment. The device can even be controlled by the user from their smart phone. Founder Alston Wu Says: “Renaisscent recreates the traditional diffusion experience in a modern way by offering complete control and customization via a mobile app.”

The Renaisscent diffuser is able to house six different fragrances at once. With three different modes, the fragrances can be diffused separately, or the fragrances can be combined for the perfect scent. As such, each user will be able to use their Renaisscent diffuser for the ultimate customized experience.

Founder Alston Wu adds: “Different aromas help your emotional state in different ways. We offer these benefits for consumers to use in their daily lives, to comfort the body and soul through fragrances, and to make their lives healthier and happier.”

With the diffuser, users can even control the range and intensity of the scent to create the ideal home environment. Whether they want to diffuse for two, four or even six hours, the choice is theirs.

Renaisscent understands that in the modern age consumers always want to be up to date. That’s why the app connected to the diffuser can show that a capsule has been removed and switched in mere seconds. Customers can always keep track of the fragrances in their diffuser.

The Renaisscent fragrance capsules are based around four concepts: natural health, relaxation, warmth, and satisfaction. Formulated around an individual’s average mood troubles such as stress and anxiety, the Renaisscent fragrances can be used to eliminate these issues. As an example, lavender could be used for people who find it difficult to get a good night of rest.

Brenda Wang has been working hard to perfect the tech, design, and concept behind Renaisscent. Her dream was to design fragrances that could be applied with smart tech, and that would be a positive force in people’s lives. She hoped the device and these fragrances could be used to improve people’s moods and happiness as they complete daily activities.

Now, that dream is close to being a reality. On October 18th the crowdfunding campaign will launch with a funding goal of $35,000. However, lucky early supporters of Renaisscent on Indiego can purchase the innovative device now for $119.

More information about the Renaisscent smart waterless diffuser can be found on the pre launch site . Alternatively, for press queries, the company can be contacted directly with the information provided below.

Paxton Shaw
Company: Renaisscent
Address: 520 Elliot Street, Charlotte, NC, 28202
Phone: 704.333.5335