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The Madina Mediterranean Grill draws in customers with a new website

Madina Mediterranean Grill has launched a new website for customers of its Richardson TX location. Customers can now find their Mediterranean & Moroccan cuisine menu online, listing all of the restaurant’s offerings and prices, get in touch with the restaurant via the new website, as well as learn more about the history of the family-owned business.

Madina New WebsiteThe new website prominently features the Madina Mediterranean Grill menu. Customers can find a list of menu items, price out their meal, and explore how to customize their rice or salad in three basic steps. The menu also features their falafel & shawarma sandwiches along with sides and offerings from the Moroccan delicatessen. Visitors to the website can also explore a gallery of images from the restaurant, many featuring popular Mediterranean & Moroccan cuisine and some behind-the-scenes photos.

Beyond exploring the online menu, the new website is mobile-responsive for easy use on phones and other mobile devices. New customers can explore the imbedded Google Map for easy directions to the restaurant. There is also an option for customers to use the website to get in touch with Madina Mediterranean Grill via phone or direct message. Customers are encouraged to reach out with any questions they may have about the food, menu and overall experience.

For those curious about Medina’s history, the website includes an “About Us” page with details about the family-owned business’ roots and its philosophy on food. According to the website, Madina Mediterranean Grill is “determined to bring an authentic Mediterranean experience to Richardson, TX.”

Many customers have enjoyed this Mediterranean experience. A reviewer on Yelp described Madina as “gracious and customer oriented, offering suggestions for her first visit.”

Other reviewers described Madina’s bowls, falafel & shawarma sandwiches as “fresh”, “delicious” and “reasonably-priced”.

Madina Mediterranean Grill is a family-owned business, transplanted from Michigan, offering the best of Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine. They are proudly located in the heart of Richardson TX, at the corner of Beltline & Main. Exceptional to their business is their famous Falafel and Shawarma sandwiches, not to mention their Bistella pastries. Their full lunch and dinner menus offer customers a wide variety of chicken, beef, and lamb dishes that are full of flavor, reasonably priced, and presented with mouth-watering appeal.

Madina Mediterranean Grill is located at 114 E. Main St. Richardson, TX 75081 and can be reached by calling 214-774-9120. For more information visit