Balustrades are an important architectural component of any building structure. Balustrades not only provide safety but also add an element of style to your home. In the past, decorative timber balustrades defined the structure and lent a sense of elegance to the building. Today, however, timber has been replaced by steel and aluminium as the material of choice. While timber balustrades create an old world charm, stylish aluminium balustrades also beautify your home while offering safety and durability.

Apart from beauty and style, aluminium balustrades offer numerous other benefits. A balustrading system is primarily a safety measure for balconies and staircases to prevent accidental falls and other such incidents. Trimlite is a leading manufacturer of aluminium balustrades, fencing and louvres in Australia. The company also provides stylish and safe glass balustrading systems ideal for balconies and pools. Trimlite’s stylish and safe balustrades are available in a variety of designs suitable to residential as well as commercial properties.

Trimlite’s stylish and safe balustrades beautify your home and add value to your property. Aluminium balustrades are an economical option mainly due to their durability. Aluminium is lightweight, strong and does not corrode easily. Additional anti-rust coating ensures that it does not require any maintenance like painting. However, aluminium can be powder coated with your choice of colour so that it matches your overall interior and exterior décor.

Trimlite’s balustrade and railing system is ideally suited to create a modern style and appeal to your residential or commercial property. The Trimrail balustrading system allows quick and easy installation at a cost-effective price. The product is designed according to your specifications, manufactured locally and installed by experienced professionals. A modular system allows flexibility and modifications on site wherever necessary.

The slat balustrade and fencing system is another unique product from Trimlite. Trimslat balustrades can be designed to blend with your home exteriors while also beautifying the property. Being a modular system, Trimlite’s balustrades are quick and easy to measure, manufacture and install. They are maintenance free and will last the lifetime of your property.

Although Trimlite’s stylish and safe Balustrading sydney are perfect for balconies and staircases, they are also suited to exterior applications like decks and pools. Combined with glass, they offer an elegant solution along with the functionality and safety required of any balustrading system. Additionally, Trimrail and Trimslat balustrading systems are designed to comply with the strict Australian building codes, using quality materials and the best workmanship.

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