This season’s hottest t shirt trend takes the phrase “making a statement” quite literally. Yes, we’re talking about slogan tees which are all the rage right now. From runways to the streets, women t shirts that speak a thousand words are omnipresent. What you feel is what you say seems to be the mantra of today’s trendsetters. For once, it’s all about the girls and so who cares what the world thinks right? T shirt for women are all about speaking your mind. Here are some of the favourite slogan tees doing the rounds:

“I Am Sherlocked”
Benedict Cumberbatch has built a whole legion of female fans with his portrayal of the high-functioning sociopath residing in 221 Baker Street. He’s smart, charming, witty, intriguing, super good looking and has a British accent to die for. Who wouldn’t turn into a nutcase for this incredibly attractive TV character? So when you get your hands on a t shirt that says “I Am Sherlocked”, it’s quite the dream come true, isn’t it? Reveal your crush on Mr Holmes to the world with this unique t-shirts for women online India.

“Busy Doing Nothing”
What is the one most unmistakable characteristic of Garfield the cat? He’s mega lazy! An ideal day in Garfield’s life would go something like this— eat plates and plates of lasagne without caring about calories and nap all day long. No wonder he is so many people’s spirit animal. There are times when you just don’t feel like adult-ing and for those days Garfield t shirts with quotes like “Busy Doing Nothing” and “I Don’t Give A Meow” are so purr-rect.

“Waiting For My Superhero”
Times have changed and today’s women do not sit around sighing and waiting for their prince charming or knight in shining armour to come and rescue them. Instead, what they do is wear a cool blue Superman t shirt and make it crystal clear that she is “Waiting For My Superhero”. When it comes to women’s tees, superheroes are becoming quite the favourite prints. From Justice League tank tops to Thor crop tops for girls with the slogan “Stay Mighty”, women t shirts onlineare totally slaying it.

“A Girl Has No Name”
Out of all the Game of Thrones characters, Arya Stark most evidently represents girl power. She’s fearless and over the seasons has learnt some intimidating fighting skills that would make the Hound very proud for sure and give her enemies sleepless nights. We’d all like to channel Arya Stark in our everyday life and that’s why the “A Girl Has No Name” t shirt is so much in demand. Get ready for some fearless and fabulous female action.

“I Want To Be A Wizard”
Well, who doesn’t? Becoming a wizards is the ultimate fantasy for all Potterheads. Regardless of whether you’re team Gryffindor, team Slytherin, team Salazar, team Ravenclaw or team Hufflepuff, every Harry Potter fan nurtures a secret desire to wield a wand and create some magic. Since that’s the stuff of fantasies, the next best thing to do is wear a “I Want To Be A Wizard” t shirt and let the world know that if you could you’d hop on that train to Hogwarts and never ever return.