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Think about it – a roof rack for your vehicle needs to be combination of beauty, strength, utility and design. You don’t want a roof rack that will break under strain and you want it to be easy to use and look awesome when not in use – like it belonged to the car. While there are many roof racks available in the Australian market today, there’s only one roof rack that meets all these criteria – The Prorack – read on to find out why.

It is truly said that Prorack Roof Racks are the most beautiful and adaptable roof racks in Australia. It’s no idle claim made by a manufacturer or a retailer – but a claim made by the customers.

The Prorack roof rack is awesome because no other roof rack even comes close to comparing with the features of the Prorack. Take the Prorack S-Wing model for example, security locks are standard, it has the universal ‘T-slot’ loading system, there’s the unique Prorack Smart foot technology that makes it easily adaptable to any vehicle, the rack has stunning good looks like it belonged to your vehicle and finally, it is so well designed and engineered that the Prorack roof rack has 70% less wind drag that virtually eliminates wind related noise. This then is what makes Prorack Roof Racks the most beautiful and adaptable roof racks in Australia.

From a utility point of view, roof racks are a great addition to any vehicle, especially the small to mid-sized segment because they increase the carrying luggage capacity of the vehicle significantly. But is the extra space so created secure – how can space on a roof be secure. We cannot say anything about other roof racks, but in the case of the Prorack Roof Rack, the roof space is converted into a secure luggage hold because security locks are standard issue on all Prorack S-Wing, P-bar and Prorack HD products.

Vehcile owners who have installed non-Prorack roof racks will confirm that their racks make the most awful whistling sound especially when empty. This sound is generated by wind passing between the bars of their roof racks and believes us, you can never quite get used to it also, it is an embarrassment when you have someone else travelling with you.

As mentioned earlier, the Prorack ‘S-Wing’ roof rack is specifically designed and engineered to nearly eliminate this noise and Prorack owners swear they don’t hear any noise or whistling at all. The Prorack Roof Racks Canberra is precisely dimensioned so there is no break-away frequency generated from the flow of wind around the bar – this is its secret to eliminating the wind noise. For the automotive world this design was and very much still is a revolution in roof rack design which is why Prorack roof racks are the most beautiful and adaptable roof racks in Australia.

So if you are ready to switch to prorack roof racks or buy a new one for your lovely vehicle, there’s really no competition to the Prorack and you can even buy Hayman Reese Light Duty Towbars online here: