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Manchester, UK – This month, Rolab, a provider of high quality Segway hoverboards to the UK, has announced its latest hoverboard model, the R2 Swegway Hoverboard. Priding themselves on creating some of the most popular hoverboards in the UK market, Rolab are proud with its latest version which has updated, upgraded and improved upon its R1 offering.

All of Rolab’s Swegway Hoverboards can be used by anyone aged seven and above, providing plenty of hours riding time. From just a two-hour charge, its hoverboards can deliver up to six hours of riding, making this very competitive compared to other hoverboards in the market. Using a built-in Samsung rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Rolab provide its customers with a branded battery known for its reputation in long lasting battery life.

The R2 Swegway Hoverboard has the same great features as Rolab’s initial flagship board, including front LED lights and a built-in speaker. Going on customer feedback and positive reviews, the functionality of the speakers allows users to connect a phone via Bluetooth and listen to music while riding the hoverboard.

The latest addition to Rolab’s portfolio may share similar features to its original hoverboard but it has also pulled out the stops with its new enhancements. This includes new and improved wheels, coming in at an impressive eight inches. This is comparable to the six inches available on the R1 Hoverboard. With bigger wheels, the R2 can handle rougher terrains and is more suited for riding outdoors. Easier handling and manoeuvrability is considerably noticeable when compared to the original in outdoor environments. With the bigger wheels, the R2 Swegway also provides faster speeds, with in-house tests delivering up to 18km speeds. An extra benefit of the larger wheel size is that the board itself is now more capable of tackling uphill climbs and has been tested at taking a 25-degree incline with ease. This is comparable to the R1 which may struggle at a steeper incline than 20 degrees.

Along with improved wheel size, the R2 Swegway Hoverboard has been refined and designed, boasting a newer, smarter appearance. It’s not just the appearance that’s increased as it also has LED bumper strips atop of the wheel arches. These LED lights flash in various colours to add entertainment value to any riding experience but more importantly it offers improved protection against any bumps and scratches.

Rolab already offer a generous one year warranty and 60-day return policy for any hoverboard bought from their site. In addition to this, they now have an Extended Christmas Warranty, available from the 1st September 2017 to the 25th December 2017. This is an added benefit to anyone wishing to purchase a hoverboard as a gift but is worried about wasting the warranty period. Under this, the period won’t start until 25th December, no matter the day it was purchased.

Official Source: Introducing the R2 Swegway Hoverboard

About Rolab

Rolab is a hoverboard provider company based in the UK. It lives by a simple mission – to provide safe, high quality segway hoverboards to the United Kingdom. All of its boards have achieved CE certification and meet EU regulations.

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