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You may have heard of mailbox rentals but aren’t quite sure how this service is different from your traditional P.O. Box address. The truth is private mailboxes are gaining traction with students, professionals and business owners. There are a number of advantages to renting a mailbox as opposed to retaining your traditional P.O. Box address.

Register Your Business

One of the hurdles or registering your business with Companies House is a physical street address. This means renting an office space when you can run your small business from your own home. even where using your P.O. Box is possible, you have to supply your full address which includes your road name and house number. This is definitely information that you do not want to supply your clients, supplies and the general public with.

Commercial mailboxes rentals come with a complete street address that you can use to register your business. This means that you can operate your business in your home without revealing sensitive and personal information.

You Can Receive High-Value Mail

If you receive cash, jewelry or other high-value mail, it is right to be skeptical about having the package sent to the post office. The same rationale applies when living in shared accommodation. There are no guarantees that your packages will be safe. A mailbox rental service is completely secure. You can be sure that only authorized persons have access to your mail and you can arrange for additional security measures if you deem it necessary.

No Queues or Unnecessary Trips

Going to the post office is inconvenient for two reasons. First you have to stand in line which could potentially take hours depending on the day. You also don’t know whether or not you have mail until you open the mailbox. Personal mailbox services send you an alert via email or SMS every time you receive mail so you don’t have to make unnecessary trips. You also walk right to your cubicle and don’t have to stand in line to access your packages.

Have Mail Delivered to Your Doorstep

Finally, a private mailbox has the option of having your mail forwarded to your location when it’s convenient. You can arrange for daily, weekly or monthly deliveries depending on the frequency to receive mail. The best part is you can also receive mail while out of the country. You cannot get this type of convenience with a traditional post office box.

There are many great reasons to consider personal mailbox services. The rates are also very affordable especially considering the additional benefits you get to enjoy.