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Awnings are mini roof-like structures installed on the exterior of a home, store-front or office to shade door and or windows from the sun’s heat, reduce glare while exiting and also provide a kind of extension to the building which is helpful especially in the rain.

Keeping the sun’s heat away from the doors and windows has a dramatic effect on the indoor temperature and also on the electricity bills – be the fan or air conditioner.

These days awnings are not only available in a wide variety of patterns, variations, textures, sizes, shapes and of course colours, they are also made with durable fabric and or canvas which adds an excellent all-weather utility advantage to awnings. Awnings can also be made of fibreglass and even metal sheets. Modern day awnings usually comprise of an extendible aluminium frame over which the fabric or material that provides the shade and shelter is stretched.

The aluminium frame can be either rigid or be made of several pieces that unfold when extended. These are known as retractable awnings. The frame have hinged arms that can fold or open out when pulled or pushed. Additionally, retractable awnings can provide tremendous flexibility in how much shade they provide because the extension can be controlled.

In retractable awnings can either be controlled via a lever-and-crank that is hand operated or, it can be attached to a motor which in turn (you guessed it), can be attached to a remote. So retraction or extension and how much to extend can all be controlled via a small hand-held remote.

The fabric covering each awning rolls up to where the unit is attached to the building. The steel rod that rolls up the fabric is usually housed in an enclosure so the fabric stays protected when not in use and also the mechanism stays hidden away so the beauty of the home, store or office front is not in any way marred. In this way you can update the look of your house with Fixed Awnings Canberra.

Of course some senior folks don’t like remotes because they can’t remember where they last kept it!! For them, a wired control is also available with the control box fixed or dangling on the side of the window or door. While non-motorised versions i.e. crank and leaver versions are also available, most folks do not prefer them.

You also opt for fixed awnings and leave them permanently in place – you save from not having to install any motor or non-motorised mechanism associated with retractable awnings.

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