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ATG Excavation & Hire is an Australian owned company providing excavator hires services in Sydney. They also offer services in Illawarra and Southern Highlands. Having more than a decade’s experience, they are committed in providing quality excavation services to their customers. The company contains operators who are all skilled and licensed. Not taking into account your skills they proceed with the excavation work.

Excavation Work
To complete the work efficiently and in a qualified manner, the company is committed in providing all kinds of excavation needs such as operators, machineries and laborers. Few of the excavation work performed by them includes, drain laying, driveways, retaining walls, node installation, and more. The company is WHS certified so that they are able to offer safe and quality services.

Cat 1.7t Mini Excavator
When looking to perform excavation work in confined spaces, this Cat 1.7 T Excavator can be hired. This machine can be hired in Sydney, Illawarra and Wollongong. It is a zero tail swing and can work best for driveways and Earthmoving. This can also be utilized for pool excavation and drainage. It is available for $200 per day and depending on your needs, you can hire it with or without an operator.

Toyota Huski 5SDK5 Skid Steer Loader
When hiring Toyota Huski 5SDK5 skid steer loader, you can complete the excavation work within less time. Also the machine is designed in such a way so that it can fit in any space. It can perform all the tasks which are done by the big machine. The Earth moving and work site cleanup can be done powerfully by the excavator. It can be hired for $ 250 per day.

About ATG Excavation & Hire
ATG Excavation & Hire offers quality excavation services in Sydney, Illawarra and Southern Highland regions. They are willing to perform any kind of excavation work which may be large or small. Equipments used in their company are all new and they provide services at competitive pricing. To make transportation of the machine easier, they offer trailer. Delivery is also available in their company. For customers they provide long term discounts along with a money back guarantee. To know more details, visit

41 Baragoot Rd,
Flinders NSW 2529
Phone: 0407 085 660