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There’s a simple reason why those heading out for an outdoor adventure, rely on Whispbar roof racks to expand their vehicle carrying capacity. Read on.

Outdoor adventurist in Australia is a closed knit lot. They pass on information amongst themselves and similar groups as to the best places to go for the best outdoor adventure. They also pass on experiences, best performing vehicles and vehicle accessories including roof racks and there is one advice they swear by – they say expand your carrying space for an outdoor adventure with Whispbar roof racks and only Whispbar roof racks.

With hundreds of kilometres to travel, it is imperative that you not forget anything you might need during the journey especially accessories that would be needed to get you and your vehicle out of a tough spot and camping gear that will help add a bit of comport during the cold (and often dangerous) outback nights. For all these, a large roof rack is an absolute must.

The roof rack that you fit to expand your carrying space for an outdoor adventure has to be large enough and tough enough to carry all and take the strain of the rough with the smooth and for all this, there is only one roof rack that stands heads and shoulders above the rest – Whispbar roof racks.

Whispbar is without doubt, the finest roof rack system in the World. The Whispbar roof racks doesn’t just defy convention, they endlessly elevate the roof rack standard and have evolved into a beautiful and seamless load carrying accessory.

Whispbar is a uniquely designed roof rack systems with its famous ‘S’ bar aerodynamically designed innovation. The best Whispbar model is the Whispbar HD which has been designed for toughness and heavy duty performance – an ideal combination for your outdoor adventure. On it, so long as your 4×4 has the load carrying capacity, your Whispbar HD can carry loads and loads of stuff.

Of course, Whispbar is not associated with just the outback, they are associated with all forms of outdoor adventure including water sports. Whispbar also designs speciality roof racks for carrying kayaks, water skis, bikes and so forth. Yup, you can definitely expand your carrying space for an outdoor adventure with Whispbar Roof Racks Sydney.

Without doubt, Whispbar roof bars are stylish, amazingly well designed, solidly built and engineered and without doubt, the best worth for your money. Their sleekness and aerodynamic design reduces wind drag and therefore reduces fuel use on account of wind drag. Their design also almost eliminates the irritating whistling sound that other roof racks tend to make. While Whispbar roof racks are not cheap, they certainly provide value for your money.

Please visit for more information on Thule Kayak Carriers as well as all options on how to expand your carrying space for an outdoor adventure with Whispbar roof racks.