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Whenever a temporary shade, sheltering or creating a designated area is required, ziptrak awnings is the right solution – it helps customise your outdoor space with affordable Ziptrack awnings.

If you want to set up some shady area in your garden (say for your kids to play outside but not in the sun) or for a place to relax in your garden but protected from sunlight, or setup chairs on the pavement in fact, anywhere that shade is required, Ziptrack awnings are ideal – it helps customise your outdoor space with affordable Ziptrack awnings.

Too hot to sit outside or want to shade a bunch of windows during summer? Ziptrak blinds or awnings, are the solution. You can buy Ziptrack awnings that suit your space for an elegant outdoor look. Besides homes, Ziptrak awnings are also ideal for cafes so they can cover their outdoor space with custom awnings.

Who in Australia does not enjoy a good barbecue or a get together with family and friends? Whenever you need to setup some even outside the house but in a shade, opt for ziptrak awnings and save yourself and friends and family from the harsh Australian sun with temperatures easily exceeding 40 degrees.

You need no longer stay indoors during the summer – thanks to ziptrak awnings you can now enjoy the summer outdoors too. In fact, you can customise your outdoor space with affordable Ziptrack awnings that are now available in a large variety of styles, colours, textures and features too.

Use Ziptrak Awnings for covering your patio or cafe blinds and you can get them customised to your exact requirement complete with 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty. Today Ziptrak awnings are available with good quality patio, alfresco and cafe blinds to provide much needed shade for your outdoor space. In fact, the Ziptrack awnings you use can be matched to your home or business establishment décor – you can even add your logo or message to it. If you are not sure which style or design suits your requirement best, you can talk to knowledgeable and helpful customer service at Apollo Blinds Sydney and at their branch outlets all over Australia. You can request for a free, no obligation quotation too.

Ziptrak awnings today can help you customise your outdoor space and create a stunning and versatile outdoor space and no hassle of expensive renovation either. In fact, if you need to add a temporary room in your backyard you can do so with Ziptrak’s outdoor blinds – they are also idea for creating a semi-shadded area for your plants.

Ziptrak awnings are quite versatile and are optionally available with very strong track guided system that are spring loaded for ease of use. Optionally, you can even motorise the track and add a remote control too – which is ideal for roadside cafe and very time and labour saving.

The one place in Australia where you can see all the options and fulfil your need for Ziptrak Awnings Sydney is, Apollo Blinds, Sydney and their branches all over Australia. You can also visit their website here: