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There are lots of Kayak carriers in the market today – let’s check out the best that would suit almost any vehicle on the Australian road. Read on.

You’ve just completed your induction training and are looking forward to buy your first Kayak but how will you bring it home and more importantly, how will you take it to the water-front? Obviously you’ve seen your friends carry their kayaks on the roof of their cars and 4×4’s. So roof of your vehicle is the logical choice. Next question, which roof rack will do the job?

We can make this tough on you by simply listing the half dozen or so top roof rack manufacturers. But that’s just information without any sense of direction. So let’s make it easy for you and point our finger directly at the best roof rack system – one that has been adjudged to be awesome by both the critics and the customers. Now that’s some achievement right? Well, here is what you need to get your kayaks moving in the same direction as you are:

The Whispbar through bars: 135cm through bars (2) nos and the Whispbar fitting kit – i.e. the Smart foot fitting kit. And, you will get both these at the vehicle accessories shop that provides the best kayak carriers for your vehicle i.e.

Why is Whispbar so amazing?

Whispbar is amazing especially for carrying kayaks because it is especially well suited to carry large loads because it has broad cross racks. Also, it’s famous ‘Through system’ is highly versatile because the accessories can also be fitted over and above the base on your vehicle.

Based on aviation technology, Whispbar has created the innovative wing-like design that has been acknowledged to have the lowest wind drag and resistance. With the Whispbars on the roof of your vehicle, you can transport bikes, ski’s, kayaks and all sorts of other material. So whether you are heading to the waterfront or the great outback, you can’t go wrong opting for a Whispbar Roof Racks Sydney and vehicle accessories provides the best kayak carriers for your vehicle.

Whatever you do, don’t buy cheap Chinese kayak carriers as there are know to fail and can also lead to serious accidents. The massive forces that combination of wind, kayaks on the roof top and poor design of Chinese imported kayak carrier are known to snap roof bar fixing bolts.

When carry kayaks on the roof of your vehicle do fix the bow and stern lines using the front and rear screw-in towing eyes. can provide you with the suitable ‘paracord’ for this purpose. The best branded paracords are made by Yakima. Also, Thule brand makes the QuickDraw 838 which are just as good. At the end, don’t forget that vehicle accessories provides the best Kayak Carriers Online for your vehicle here: