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13th September, Ghaziabad :– Published by Notion Press, this historical fiction takes us back 300 years before the birth of Christ. The book, titled Patthar Ki Ibaarat, is a one-of-a-kind historical that tells us about our rich history and our combat techniques, along with an engaging storyline. Penned by Harish Jharia and written in Hindi, the author aims to entice readers with his knowledge and understanding of Indian history.
The novel is set around 300 BC, when none of the communities and religions prevailing today, were evolved and people of that age used to worship the sources of energy like Sun and fire. The story starts at around the same time when Greeks invaded India. Their desire to rule the entire world abruptly ended on Indian soil, when they faced a deadly counterattack at eastern frontiers, on the banks of Jhelum. After the Greek conqueror’s death, the erstwhile Agneyaka Empire captured the north-western belt of India.
The lead protagonist of the story is Mirga Bir, head of the tribe in the forests of erstwhile Agneyaka Empire on Ser Bhoom Mountain ranges. In spite of being a dreaded fighter, Mirga Bir was equally a humanitarian and kind-hearted human being. The story follows the military operations launched by Mirga Bir and his army of deadly fighters against an oppressor king for protecting the human rights of a huge population of enslaved people of that kingdom.
The hunting and fighting practices prevailing during the period are portrayed as a means of survival rather than a sport that is practiced today. The war scenes and the various techniques used on the battlefield are taken from author’s imagination and his wide experience in the military field. With the rights and freedom of the people at stake, will Mirga and his people make it?
A mechanical engineer, Harish Jharia has worked for the government of India as a Senior Scientific Officer for around four decades. With expertise in the mechanical and defence sector, he brings a lot of experience to the table. This can be inferred from the detailed hunting techniques and war practices in his novel. Jharia has a rich understanding of our diverse history and strongly believes that it is his duty to teach the future generations and fellow countrymen about the past.
Previously, Jharia has published short stories and articles in prominent magazines and newspapers during 1985–1995. He believes that by maintaining a simple and lucid style, it is easy for the author to connect with the reader, and with his book Patthar Ki Ibaarat, he aims to do just that.
Notion Press is proud to associate and publish the book of accomplished serviceman Harish Jharia. The book is currently available on Notion Press bookstore, Amazon and other ecommerce websites. Grab a copy of the book an engaging read!