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The first thing a person notices when they see you are your eyes and your smile. While the eyes it is said, is the window to our character your smile as defined by your teeth warms the heart. It is little wonder that many of us change the colour of our eyes (by using contacts), and also do our best to improve our teeth.

Fortunately for us, these days with a variety of dental treatments available, you can get done anything from subtle changes to major cosmetic upgrade. You can now obtain that as-good-as-new set of perfect teeth and with it, a million dollar smile.

So where does one go for that million dollar smile? There are numerous options available all over Australia and especially in Baulkham Hills but the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Integrity Cosmetic Dental and they have website here:

Question is, why Integrity Cosmetic Dental, Baulkham Hills? Well, for one, they use software that enables you see what your post-procedure teeth will look like. No more trial and errors! You know what the results will look like, the dentist will talk to you about the procedure and of course, the fees.

All the dentists working at Integrity Cosmetic Dental, Baulkham Hills, are hugely qualified with years of experience. Even the junior dentists there are qualified but work under active supervision of their seniors. Their whole approach is to get it right the first time never mind the time and effort that goes into planning the procedure.

Each and every dentistry procedure carried out at the Integrity Cosmetic Dental, Baulkham Hills is tailored to the individual. So when you visit them for the first time, be sure to talk and tell the consultant dentist about your exact needs and what you aim, what you think you will receive after the procedure. It is vital the dentist understand your requirement. It is equally vital you pay attention to what the dentist says is possible and not possible so you are not under some misunderstood impression.

Some of the services available at General Dentists, Baulkham Hills include:

Inlays and Onlays:

Also called “indirect filling”. An Inlay or onlay is a procedure done when a tooth has some decay or there is not enough tooth structure to support a filling. This procedure is aimed at providing support to strengthen your teeth and also restore shape of adjacent teeth and avoid further deterioration.

Composite Bonding:

Is a relatively simple procedure in which your dentist will drills out and clean out any tooth decay and then apply a composite onto the tooth’s surface. Next, he will shape the composite into the perfect shape for that particular tooth before curing it with a high-intensity light. Naturally, how perfectly this is done will depend on the experience of the dentist which is why Integrity Cosmetic Dental. Baulkham Hills is the ideal place for CEREC Dentists and other procedures done.