Cold and cough is very common problem or chaining weather and usually kid catch this problem easily. This infection spread between people very easily and you can be infected very quickly. If you get cough and cold very frequently and you visit doctor every time then we have a wonderful solution for you to avoid doctor visit. Doctor usually prescribes medicines which have lot of side effects. You should try to avoid taking these and try to treat your cough naturally.
How to treat Cough and cold naturally
Inhaling the steam is one of the best natural treatments to treat this problem. Steam helps in remove the congestion and gets relief from cold cough in few sittings. When we inhale the steam it pass through the nose, throat to lungs and open up the passage.
Way’s to inhale steam
There are some old ways to inhale the steam but they are not much effective. Using Gurin steam inhaler is best option available for the quickest effects. Gurin steam inhaler is a small and light weigh electric device. It produce steam in a steady manner, you can take continuous steam without any break. It has a soft mask to wear. This mask helps in inhaling the steam in effective manner. This mask also safes you from the heat on face. You can also adjust the intensity of heat in this machine. There is a tube which you can extend as per your convenience of use.
You can easily place this steam inhaler and start taking the steam the entire vapor will be stored in drain tank. Don’t hold the machine in hand while taking steam as its warm while steaming. A regular use can treat most of the problem related to nose and throat congestion. This device is available in just $37.95 which is nothing compare to doctor fee and expensive medicines.