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It goes without saying that among the contemporary watch makers creating affordable, stylish watches that reflect a luxurious lifestyle and are at par with the current trends and fashion, Marc Jacobs need no introduction. They are famous for creating few stunning, iconic designer wrist wears, among which, the Marc Jacobs Riley Quartz MJ1575 Women’s Watch is a piece that flaunts your love for classiness without abandoning youthful touches that make the surroundings come alive.

The Marc Jacobs Riley Quartz MJ1575 Women’s Watch features oversized Arabic numerals, which are definitely unconventional when it comes to classy ladies watches. But as mentioned right at the start, the MK Riley is all about a classy feel enveloped in modern day oddity, the oversized numerals just help to keep things that way.

The Marc Jacobs Riley Quartz MJ1575 Women’s Watch is a perfect example of a minimalistic watch design that oozes laidback sophistication but in a rather bold and straightforward way. The central section of the dark dial bears a guilloche pattern while the numbers are arranged in a different circle around it; at the bottom, there is a small, repeating seconds-counter the vintage watches alike. The gold and black dial creates a simply stunning yet daring design for the Marc Jacobs Riley Quartz MJ1575 Women’s Watch, thus taking the fashion world by storm. This one is for setting the trends rather than following an existing one and taking your look above the current, ongoing trends.

The sleekness in the design of the Marc Jacobs Riley Quartz MJ1575 Women’s Watch – to say the least – is eye-catching. It is Marc Jacobs’ luxurious take on wrist-wear arts; it is the same thing that gained the American brand a cult following that admires seamless, classic touches within contemporary stylistic parameters. The end result is a unique, sophisticated style that’s strikingly simple, yet elaborate and distinctive because of its oversized indexes. It’s classic glamour for women and at the same time, it looks pretty damn funky; a fun-fashion hybrid compared to quite a few other brands that are available today, often at prices going more than double the Riley’s.

The sky-high popularity of the Women’s Marc Jacobs Watch made the brand release a smart-watch under the same names with an additional suffix hybrid, but that’s a different story to be told another time. Here, it is mentioned just to give a hint of this particular model’s influence in the fashion world.

No, the Marc Jacobs Riley Watch can’t connect to your smart-phone like its smart version, but well, there are times when the thought of staying connected always gives you creeps. The Marc Jacobs Riley Quartz MJ1575 Women’s Watch saves you from that and connects with only those at your closes proximity!