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When you are subject to criminal case in North Bethesda, then there is a need to hire a criminal attorney. If you don’t have a criminal defense attorney by your side, then there are chances of undesirable consequences. Criminal cases may lead to imprisonment, probation, license suspension, termination of employment and a criminal record. Therefore, as soon as you are subjected to a criminal case, you need to hire a knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights. The criminal law is said to be a most complex law and the one you are hiring should have an experience of at least 10 years in the specified field. You need to check for the attorney’s success records so that you can get an idea about the performance. They should be also aware of the federal laws in your state.
Accompanied by, they should have good terms with the judges, prosecutors and fellow lawyers. The lawyers should give strong representation to their clients and should be confident in bringing out positive results. The fee structure is also an important thing to be considered and it is advisable if they provide a free consultation so that you may get a clear idea about the attorney.

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases and proceedings are said to be very complex. There is a need for the individual to be aware of his rights and all details about his case. When you are subjected to criminal prosecution, you will be arrested first using an arrest warrant. The next will be booking process, where the fingerprints and photos of the individual are gathered when he is in custody. Later the individual can come in bail in agreement to appearing in all court proceedings in future. After arrest, the individual will be called for first hearing, which is termed as an arraignment. Therefore, requirement of an experienced attorney is necessary to get relieved from this case.
When you hire a lawyer, you need to look out for certain things so that you can be confident that you have approached a correct person. There are three types of criminal cases namely,

• Infractions
• Misdemeanor
• Felony

When considering infractions, it is said to be minor cases and does not involve major punishments. When a person is subjected to a misdemeanor, he is prone to get prison sentences up to one year with vast fine amount. Comparing all three, felony is said to be a more serious issue, where prison time is as many years regarding to your crime level. For more information about criminal attorney, visit