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Mumbai, 21st June 2017: Shoonyam Sound Temple and The Integral Space celebrated International Yoga Day with an all-day Mega wellbeing Event called YOU-GA The Yoga of You, with Workshops, Master Classes, Therapies and Experiences that suited every age group. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Anuradha Bhatia, Chief Commissioner Income Tax – Mumbai. Mrs. Bhatia later led a Guided Heartfulness Meditation Session.

Inaugurating the event, Mrs. Anuradha Bhatia, Chief Commissioner Income Tax – Mumbai said “You-Ga expands the meaning of Yoga in its true sense. In today’s stressful lifestyles and growing environmental conflicts, the best option for WellBeing is to empower our own Self, in Body, mind and Spirit. Meditation is one of the best ways to build a truly empowered Self”

The event offered participants, a variety of paths to wellness and wellbeing. There was something for everyone, across age groups and walks of life! Special Ancient wisdom and Natural Therapy Sessions were offered to Women and Senior citizens. The day began with Oorja Kriya and Yoga Protocol at 7AM followed by Breathflows, Mudras, Meditations, Alternative, Natural & Mystic Healing and Therapies, Talks, Art Based Therapy, Clay work and many other workshops throughout the day. The workshops were headed by an elite circle of masters, expert healers, practitioners, therapists and instructors.

An unique offering at YOU-GA was the Sacred Sound & Shoonyam Meditation by Mystic Sound Healing Practitioner and Consciousness Life Coach, Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana. As co-creator of the YOU-GA Event, Anoopama, commented, “We are truly happy that so many people could experience the true essence of Yoga, on and off the mat. Our aim is to remind today’s urban folk about the richness of our Ancient Wisdom that put Wellbeing into our hands. And introduce them to ancient sciences like Ayurveda, Sound Healing,Energy work, Breath etc. So that every breath becomes Yoga and every day is Yoga Day!”

The event concluded with Dance Ecstatica, which is a Meditative & Spontaneous Journey through Music and Movement to access Higher States of Awareness and Consciousness which was rejoiced by the participants. In all, the event was a great bowl of knowledge to the participants offering them vast knowledge about traditional yoga and several other Wellness therapies.

Mona Doctor of The Integral Space added, “The enthusiasm and huge turnout at You-ga encourages us to continue our mission of making Alternative and Natural Wellbeing part of people’s lifestyle.”