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Immigration Law deals with the legalization of the people entering into the Nation for the purpose of working, studying or to permanently live. The Immigration law is governed by the Nationality Law of the Nation and it comes under the International Law Aspects in the jurisdiction. The immigration law of every nation differs and the separate set of laws and agreement about the Immigration purpose. In the US, the Immigration Law is governed by United States Nationality Law which administrates the Naturalization and citizenship in the United States.

If any person wants to live in the US or want to work for some period of time, he/she have to file petition and obtain Immigration visa to get the righteous resident in the US. The Immigration process is complex and without proper documentation and legal approval, if anyone enters the States without proper obligation and approval, he/she may face jail time or Deportation from the Nation irrespective of their condition.

There are three types of Immigration based visas on which a person can acquire the citizenship in the US is Family- Based immigration visa, Employment-Based visa, and Humanitarian-Based visa.

Family-Based Immigration Visa
This Immigration visa provides a way to get naturalization into the nation if anyone of the family member is already a citizen of the U.S and that person can able to obtain a Citizenship to their relatives and Family members like spouse, fiancé, brothers/sisters, children, etc.

Employment-Based Immigration Visa
Employment-Based Immigration is acquired for who wants to work in the US permanently and live there. Due to skill set and other requirements, the US Company employs another nation citizen to work for them. So, they can a get visa in the Employment base.

Humanitarian-Based Immigration visa
It is nothing but providing the Refugees and asylum people allow staying in their Nation with Immigration visa on the Humanitarian basis on the people.

Although the Legal matters are the complex and daunting process, it becomes a degree more difficult when it comes to handling the Immigration. Most of the people opt to hire an experienced Immigration lawyer to handle the process. They will help the immigration and sponsors to draft the immigration process and make the best possible outcome in the favor of them. And also help the people at the risk of deportation by representing the case in the courtroom. To know about a Leading Immigration Law Firm in Houston, TX, visit