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The Drawback:

The recreational water sports enthusiast will face a lot of frustrations using the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch. Unless you use it for pro-level diving, you’ll never be able to use it to its fullest capacity. That will leave around a third (at least) of its features unused, which are specifically meant for serious underwater activities.

The attraction:

It is the first diving watch in the T-Touch collection. Its masculine look combines tech and town in right proportions. As a lifestyle item, the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch is quite a watch you’ll love to sport. That is, just knowing about all that it can do. It is a watch not just made for diving; it’s a watch that actually wants to dive and make you crave for a dive! It also has a pretty hardcore mechanical look that watch lovers die for, which makes the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch a piece that can be easily worn under non-diving contexts and still not to be looked at strangely. There are no times that it might appear not appropriate to be worn.

The position:

With its computerized diving functions, the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch sits comfortably at the exact midpoint, with pure diving computers at one end and sophisticated Swiss timepieces at the other.

The technicalities:

The Sea-Touch complies with the European EN 13319 norms, which stand for legibility, anti-magnetism, water and shock resistance and overall durability. The Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch multi-function touch screen activates with a pusher and the functions are accessed by pressing the sapphire crystal at different spots. That makes it a bona fide, seriously cool toy more than just a gadget watch. The strict Swiss style and design senses are incorporated into the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch along with all the functionality and sharpness that makes it far different from being an eyesore. The watch has a slit case back which contains the sensors for air and water pressure measurements.

It’s a norm for dive watches to come with large hands to facilitate viewing under murky and low light conditions, but here the Tissot Sea Touch T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch strikes a difference with the rest by not throwing in ugly and obnoxious hands. Instead, Tissot put some really great lume in generous amounts; on the dial, on the bezel and on the hands. It’s called SuperLumiNova. The bright red backlight makes viewing the LCD easy in the dark, which displays a second timezone, a perpetual calendar, an alarm, a chronograph, temperature and directional readings, dive time measurements, a depth gauge and logging functions. The Tissot T-Trend Couturier Automatic T026.420.11.031.00 Mens Watch operates on both manual and automatic dive modes, which means, if you forgot to switch it on before the dive, the dive mode shall be activated once you are about five feet under water. That makes you lose out on the exact dive time.

Under Dive Mode, the dive-time counter begins automatically and the watch hands turn into depth gauge with the minute hand showing maximum depth attained and the hour hand indicating current depth, while the bezel serves as the scale. And if you like, you may also use the compass underwater, which means, it’s not just that you can dive with this watch, but you must!