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Over the last 10 years, Medallion has evolved into a reliable partner to execute healthcare assignments, ranging from setting up of for-profit hospitals, establishing medical colleges, partnering with government institutions and more importantly, the introduction of social enterprise models in rural India. Medallion, with their vast functional experience, of more than 50 collective years, bring implementation as their core value proposition to this partnership.

“Technology will be the single most driving force for healthcare to innovate and improve the service offerings. We are extremely confident that Mantra Labs with their level of technical competence are the ideal partners to build healthcare solutions. This partnership will go the distance, in terms of our clients accessing cutting edge technologies”. Manesh Mathew, Founder & CEO of Medallion Healthcare.

As part of expanding the scope of services in healthcare, Mantra Labs has entered into a strategic alliance with Medallion Healthcare. Through this synergy, Mantra aims to gain vital functional knowledge from user groups and thereby develop solutions for next-generation and address the actual pain points of customers as well as healthcare providers.

Mantra Labs is an ideal partner as it is a results-driven technology and design company who likes to be at the cutting edge of technology and develop innovative and scalable software and design solutions.
Mantra Labs is working with clients all over the world on solving interesting problems in Health-Care, Fin-Tech and Consumer Internet space.

“Mantra sees a huge scope of innovation and disruption in healthtech. We are focused on achieving success in healthtech in partnership with Medallion using our advanced technical skills in new age technologies. Medallion is an ideal partner, they have proven track record of understanding healthtech from perspective of its management, practitioners and end users”. Parag Sharma, CEO , Mantra Labs.