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Advanced Circuits™ Announces New Offshore Division

Aurora, Colorado (webnewswire) June 28, 2017 – Advanced Circuits™ creates an offshore PCB sourcing division to meet customers’ demand for enhanced pricing flexibility for higher-volume PCB production. The new division integrates a seamless and cost-effective solution for offshore PCB sourcing while strengthening Advanced Circuits’™ “One-Stop Shop” approach to PCB fabrication. With three U.S. based manufacturing facilities, Advanced Circuits™ continues to offer U.S. PCB manufacturing with flexible quick-turn options and advanced capabilities along with in-house prototype assembly services.

“Providing an offshore manufacturing solution for our customers is simply the affirmation of the processes we have built in-house over many years supporting our customers’ growing supply-chain needs. Unlike many limited-service broker operations for offshore sourcing, Advanced Circuits Offshore™ provides customers with the full-service support and established quality standards that only Advanced Circuits™ can offer” said John Yacoub, President and CEO of Advanced Circuits™.

About Advanced Circuits™

Since 1989, Advanced Circuits™ has been the leading printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in both Prototype and Production quantities and is ranked in sales volume among the top 3 PCB fabricators in North America. Offering true one-stop convenience and assured quality with in-house fabrication and small-quantity/quick-turn assembly services, Advanced Circuits’™ PCB solutions range from the simplest designs to the most rigorous requirements for the medical, commercial, defense, and aerospace marketplace. Advanced Circuits™ is MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, AS9100, ISO 9001 Certified, IPC 6012 3/3A, IPC 6018 Class 3 Qualified, and ITAR Registered as well as being DOD contracts ready. The company is well known for its expedited turn time capabilities including Same Day and Weekend turns and its industry best on-time shipping record. An innovator in PCB services, Advanced Circuits™ offers free design for manufacturability (DFM) checks at and its popular free PCB layout software “PCB Artist™” at For more information, visit or call 800-979-4PCB (4722).


Roman Perez
Marketing Coordinator
P: 1.800.979.4722 | E:


Naturist Cleaning Service Presents Its Unique Nude Cleaning Services To UK Residents

United Kingdom; 27, June 2017: Cleaning your house or office needs a lot of efforts as well as special tools to ensure the task is carried out in the desired manner. Owing to the complexities and the time required, it is not possible for everyone to personally clean their homes and maintain them in the best possible manner. This is where professional cleaning agencies make the difference. There are a number of cleaning agencies across UK that offer their dedicated cleaning services. Naturist Cleaning Service is one such agency that offers its professionally qualified cleaners to cater to their client’s cleaning needs. Their services come with a difference wherein they provide nude cleaners to clean the home aided by the most advanced tools. Moreover, their services can be booked for any part of UK.

Their services are easy to book wherein a customer needs to call or email them about their requirements. Once received the company by considering all the requirements quotes the client their packages. The packages are available on an hourly basis and one needs to deposit 30% of the package rates before availing the services. Once the customer confirms the package by depositing the require amount, the company books its professional naked cleaner for the required services. The cleaners would arrive to the customer’s place on time and dressed respectfully. If booked for a nudist clean, the cleaner would undress herself and start naked cleaning with impeccable standards while making the client feel amazing.

Besides the nude cleaning where the nude cleaners are exceptionally friendly and are comfortable to carry out the cleaning services, the company also offers the fully clothed cleaning with a clothed cleaner where the client is at ease to remain naked. These cleaners are trained to enhance the user experience and make the process of cleaning remarkably a different affair. They have the skill for welcoming and approaching diligent expert cleaners. The general domestic cleaning service for the nude cleaners has been priced at £65.00 while the price is £55.00 for the subsequent hours. To book the services of naturist cleaner, customers can use the website or give them a call on their customer care numbers. In order to understand the quality of services they have on offer, customers can check out the testimonials section on the website. Full satisfaction in regards to cleaning and entertainment can be expected from naked cleaners by the company.

About Naturist Cleaners:

Naturist Cleaners is a professional cleaning agency that is involved in offering customized and highly innovative cleaning services. Their main USP is the nude cleaning services offered by some beautiful women. Their services are available to customers from across United Kingdom. For more details about their services, please visit their website.

For Media Contact:
Company: Naturist Cleaners
Phone: 07507622981

Stanley Window Care offers House Cleaning Services That Satisfy All Cleaning Needs

27, June 2017: Stanley Window care has seen great success following the launch of their house cleaning services. They are dedicated to delivering the best in residential cleaning services by placing an emphasis on professionalism and detail. Stanley Window Care employs highly skilled cleaning professionals to perform house cleaning in California.

In today’s busy world families find it difficult to manage their hectic schedule and find time for cleaning. People who find it difficult to clean their house can consider professional house cleaners like Stanley Window Care. Hiring professional home cleaners enables busy persons to have their homes cleaned on a regular basis. The professional cleaners at Stanley Window Care utilize the very best in commercial grade tools and chemicals. This is just one way in which they ensure their ends results exceed the expectations of their clients.

People often complain about being short on time as well as the number of hours required to clean their home. Stanley’s house cleaning services are ideal for people whom are short on time and those who want to dedicate their free time to their favorite extra curricular activity. A clean house contributes to the overall good health of families but cleaning can be difficult because every house and every family require different things in a cleaning. Professional house cleaning services like Stanley Window Care’s new services not only take the physical work out of a homeowners hands but their highly trained staff are adept at working with all different types of homes and know exactly what each one requires.

When a homeowner hires Stanley Window Care they will not only save time but money as well. House cleaning tools and chemicals can be costly, especially when a homeowner wants them to be of the effective variety. Being professionals, Stanley Window Care brings all of its own tools and cleaning solutions to each job. More to the point, these tools and solutions are not only top of the line commercial grade items but they are environmentally safe as well. Safe for pets, children, and homeowners.

There are times where a homeowner may need an emergency house cleaning service. These persons needn’t worry as Stanley Window Care offers emergency cleaning services. Perhaps a homeowner needs their home thoroughly cleaned prior to party, business meeting, the arrival of a new child, or before house guests arrive. Whatever the emergency may entail, Stanley Window Care has homeowners covered.

When a homeowner books a cleaning with Stanley Window Care they can expect a team of rigorously trained professionals to not only clean their home but treat it with the highest level of respect and care as well. Prior to the cleaning date, a team will arrive to make pre-cleaning assessments so that a plan can be formulated. This plan helps Stanley Window Care clean a home in the most efficient and speediest manner possible.

About Stanley Windows Care:

Owner Jerod Stanley founded Stanley Window Care in response to the mediocrity he saw being offered by other house cleaning services in and around Southern California. In response to these subpar services, Jerod developed a house cleaning service that adheres to extremely high standards of customer service and satisfaction. Stanley Window Care’s services are designed to not only please homeowners but to exceed their expectations as well. In addition to unparalleled cleaning services, Stanley Window Care is also fully insured, bonded, and licensed so as to not just provide clients with peace of mind but to protect them and their home as well.

For Media Contact:
Company: Stanley Window Care
Phone: 949-786-0816

TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch

What is it about TechnoMarine?

TechnoMarine started off as a mold-breaking brand that opened a new dimension for luxury sport watches. It was not about being the ultimate high-end in the arena; rather, about introducing a new slew of sport watch wearers and about the times they are worn. So there came the plastic-with-diamonds mix and the gold-with-rubber along with similar concepts that worked. They brought forth attributes of freedom and elegance, matching technical skills to distinctive designs. TechnoMarine still creates timepieces of true significance, of which, TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch is a brilliant example.

About the Monogram

Initial inspirations to final execution, the TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch has a design carefully engineered out of distinguished craftsmanship and the finest of materials. A detailed attention to excellence that creates a blend in fashion and class, the TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch exhibits a style that’s not only bold and gives a distinct flare to your outfit but also encourages a positive change in the wearer’s attitude, infusing the coastal vibes with water-inspired elements, letting urban souls crave for international, aquatic destinations.

The TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch is both lively and luxe; makes you make a splash without putting a deep slash on your savings account. Drink by the pool or sail out on a yacht, the TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch is going to keep your company every time.

The TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watchjas an extra clear mineral crystal that makes for optimum visibility even with the textured, golden dial at the backdrop. The gold and the white silicone creates a fantastic combo for white coloured clothes or for that, for just any marine theme.

Looking deeper

If there’s one thing that defines the TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch other than its technical excellence, it is the boldness of its design and colour. The elements impart the Monogram with a charismatic fluency, which gives it a personality of its own. Vibrant in style and superior in its engineering, the TechnoMarine Monogram Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch enhances dynamism removing the complexities of timekeeping, yet sticking to the authenticity of quality, exhibited through the Citizen Miyota movement it nests inside. The Japanese quartz movement helps to keep the price of the TechnoMarine Monogram Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch low and offers super-high durability.

End note

The TechnoMarine California Cruise Collection Japanese Quartz TM-115064 Mens Watch is a great choice for them who want something different from the norm, yet to be appreciated at the high places. Make your own mark within the elite circles; the Monogram shows you how!

Ms. Sonica Malhotra’s viewpoint on GST Council decision

Viewpoint of Ms. Sonica Malhotra, Joint Managing Director, MBD Group on the recent GST Council’s decision to relax the criteria for charging 28% GST on Rooms for Hotels from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,500 –

“We welcome GST Council’s decision to relax the criteria for charging 28% GST on Rooms for Hotels from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,500 and bringing Five Star Hotel Restaurants in line with all other Air Conditioned Restaurants for GST. Both these decisions will help in saving the industry from unwarranted trouble and are definitely good for end consumers/tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Higher rate of 28% would have affected the rooms ranging upto Rs.7,500, making costing for tourism overpriced and certainly impacted not only Group Tourism, MICE but also individual tourism and travel. This decision of GST Council to impose 18% GST on rooms with tariffs between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 7,500 will address major chunk of Hotel industry business, which would have been adversely affected had this correction not made. Similarly, the decision of reducing GST on Five Star Hotel’s Restaurants and bringing them at par with standalone air-conditioned restaurants is a positive move. Also, this is good from the business perspective as the restaurants business heavily rely on nonresident guests and 28% would have been very taxing for the end consumers and hence impacted hotel industry business as a whole.”