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If you are going for a yacht charter in Nice, you may have a lot of questions to ask. Some are frequently asked to the yacht brokers before the journey. From the questions on what to bring on board to the activities available on the boat while sailing, we are giving you the answer to the most frequent question.

1) What to do during the journey?

The yacht will be your home for many days or several weeks. The goal of most yacht charter is to make you feel as if you were at home. Unless the fact that you are on the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, you will have the best accommodations on board in order to travel in the best conditions. The crew will ensure you a quiet and relaxing journey.
You can enjoy many water activities which material is available on board. Diving, snorkelling, paddling, jet skiing, etc. your children will never be bored and will discover the beauty of the sea.

2) What are the accommodations on board

If you worry about internet access, you have to know that most of the yacht charters are equipped with Wi-fi routers on board so that you can bring and profit from your electronic devices.
Most yachts also have an air-conditioning system in all the room of the boat. In common areas, a fan will give you fresh air and in the private rooms and cabin, the guests will be able to control the air-conditioning.
It is not allowed to smoke inside the boat in order to avoid any fire hazards. You can smoke on deck, outside of the common area and cabin.

3) How to avoid sea sickness?

The first reflex you will have if you suffer from sea sickness is to bring medications. These tablets can be useful for a short trip on the sea, but if you are spending the whole week sailing, you will be tired to take these medications.
The thing to do is to say it to the captain. He will consequently sail on calm water at the beginning of the journey. The cruise will start by sailing along the coastline where the water is very calm and you will remain there for the first night. With all the water activities, you will quickly be used to live in this environment. The next day you will be free of this fear of the boat motion and ready to experience the sailing in the sea.