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Who doesn’t want turn his/ her wedding day an unforgettable experience? After all, it’s your big day and it’s meant to be remembered for the rest of your life! So, why not let your creativity soar and do something that leaves everyone awestruck? Something like making an out of the box entrance at your wedding reception! Experimenting with the normal wedding reception entrance can actually help raise the bar of excitement at your wedding!

Glowing attire:

Inspired by the fairies, fairy lights, fairy dust and all sort of sparkling elements, this one is definitely a “never heard before” idea. You can opt for glowing attires for your wedding reception and as you make an enter in that mesmerizing outfit, you’re sure to leave everyone awestruck. Apart from taking all your guest by surprise, it will also This one will surely make for great photographs.

Like a boss:

This one is for the lavishly arranged weddings where the budget is not a problem. You can surprise everyone by making an entrance in a helicopter, ski boat, jet ski or an entrance on a floral decorated ATV. This idea works the best in the case of a beach wedding.

Amidst the sprinkles:

This entrance idea gives a romantic ambiance. The newly married couple can be welcomed with rose petals, colorful confetti or lots of balloons. It can be made more magical with the colorful sparklers.


You can opt to make a grand entrance to your wedding reception. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a royalty, even if it is for a day? All it would require is a metal carriage decorated with flowers. You may even consider renting out a few horses and live it up!

Crazy piggyback:

This idea is totally fun! The groom is supposed to give his bride a piggyback ride from the entrance to the floor while the DJ plays a romantic song to give a nice musical touch to that very moment.