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Pasadena, Texas – Bright Star Locksmiths, a fairly new locksmith service provider that offers emergency services in Pasadena, Texas, recently announced that they have invested a quarter of their annual budget for procuring latest lock repair tools and key replacement tools. The owners of the locksmith service provider appeared at a recent press conference and announced their growth strategy for the current fiscal year. They said that procurement of sophisticated lock repair tools is a strategic move which they made for taking their business to the front row of locksmiths in Pasadena

The local business has already procured high-end repairing equipment for combination locks, modern padlocks which include both integrated and modular padlocks, multiple function locks and many other types of complex lock systems that are commonly used in homes, offices and automobiles these days. Bright Star Locksmiths earned reputation in the last financial year for their quick and reliable transponder key reprogramming services. This year, the owners have set a new target for themselves as they now want to become the most trusted local business in this category in the Pasadena area of Texas.

The owners stated at the press conference that smart locks have replaced the deadbolts which were commonplace in rural and urban households until a few years back. In a bid to meet the growing demand for advanced lock repair and replacement services, the Texas based local business has now upgraded its technical capability and buying advanced tools for lock repairing is a conscious decision, the owners claimed during the press conference. They also maintained that their technicians have been trained to fix and repair all sorts of modern locks, including Kwikset’s Kevo, August Smart Lock, Schlage Sense, Yale Assure and Ikilock.

Nick Pertlsy, one of the co-owners of Bright Star Locksmiths said that their aim now is to become the best locksmith in Pasadena, Texas . “We have observed that people in the Pasadena region often look for locksmiths that can fix their new-age lock systems. For this reason, we have decided to upgrade ourselves and the procurement is a part of the process”.

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