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The premier art house Kokuyo Camlin felicitates Artist, Curator and Founder of Dolna, Ms. Mithu Basu with the coveted title “Artist of the Month”. The artist is rewarded for her notable contribution to art since 2010. Ms. Basu, with a strong art background began her tryst with art at the studio of Kitasu, where she rose from a studio artist to a visualizer. She also worked with Cine Blitz as an art director before setting up her own design studio “The Basu Agency” for more than a decade.

Her art enterprise, Dolna has been promoting art across India and has successfully established its footprints In India and abroad. Ms. Basu has spearheaded numerous projects, and toured multiple nations, including the tour of Mauritius where the art of Dolna’s artist was chosen for the prestigious national greeting card for the New Year. Ms. Basu has a strong community profile, as she volunteers and supports social causes by utilizing the revenue generated through numerous art exhibitions.
The artist has credited her brother for initiation into the world of art and paid tribute to her mother by naming her art enterprise after her, Dolna. She passed with A grades in the State, Elementary and Intermediate Art exams. When it came to post graduate studies, she chose English literature over art. She never envisioned a career possibility as a fine artist.”

“This esteemed award has brought to life my journey with art and motivates me to explore further the potential of art as a universal language that transcends borders. The cornerstone of all art lies in the nine fundamental human emotions that are common to all mankind. We may express our emotions differently – I may cry with joy and you may laugh when angry. But the fundamental emotions: LOVE, JOY, WONDER, ANGER, COURAGE, SADNESS, FEAR, DISGUST and PEACE remain universally immutable”. Says Mithu Basu.
It is Indeed, a well-deserved title for the Artist, Founder & Curator of, Let’s hope the “artist of the month” continues to fascinate, and amaze us with her creativity and passion.