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Your hairstyle may be the last thing that bothers you when you have to attend a party!But actually, it is what helps you to properly set off your attire. adding serious flair to your Switching up your style is one of the easiest ways to get that attractive, eye- catching look. It6 is a way of complementing your clothing with everything from a wet look finish to a maxed-out quiff. Look your best self this party season with these classy hairstyles:

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Undercut with sleek:

This hairstyle gives you a cool and trendy look. It is a variation of the undercut that can be opted if you’re going for a hipster look!

Slick and high shine:

This stylish hairstyle efficaciously compliments a sharp suit or other formal attire. It imparts a sophisticated and manly look.

The buzz hairstyle:

This is a popular and highly loved hairstyle these days. It gives you a formal look. It involves trimming hair such that it is a bit longer on top than the sides.

Astounding spiky hairstyle:

The spiky hairstyle is a bit flashy and playful. It is meant for the men who are fond of a bit crazy hairstyle. This hairstyle can be achieved effortlessly by just rubbing some hair gel on your dry locks and working them up with your fingers.

Dramatic contrast hairstyle:

This is a contemporary and eye- catching hairstyle, meant for those who want a more dramatic effect. In order to acquire this look, you need to get the back and sides of your hair clippered tight to the head, leaving the length on top longer. This on trend hairstyle is a perfect choice when you want to make a statement on a big event such as New Year’s Eve part!

Pompadour hairstyle:

Pompadour hairstyle has long been loved by the men for being a guaranteed head-turner. You can opt for this hairstyle if you have thick hair and desire a suave look for a party.

Wet looking hairstyles:

Wet, formal looking hairstyles work the best with formal attire.Medium- wet hairstyles impart a delightful look for any special occasion.

Wavy hairstyles:

This is a versatile hairstyle that can help you rock a casual as well as trendy look. You can go for a trendy look with a nice and wavy flow or brush them back to for that business ready effect!