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Paris is one of the most famous cities for love, but the rest of France can also be considered a place of love and romance as well. Those are the reasons why a honeymoon in France is always on the list of possible choices for every couple who is getting married.

Since Paris was mentioned above first, before the rest of France, that seems like the most logical place for couples to begin their journey together as newlyweds. While in the city, couples can visit the Louvre, Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Musée d’Orsay, L’Arc de Triomphe, the Paris Opera House, and the Eiffel Tower. The twenty-five acres of the Luxembourg Gardens are wonderful photo opportunities for newlyweds on their France honeymoon. Couples may walk around the gardens that were created in 1612 before stopping in front of the Medici Fountain that was built in 1620.

Couples who love wine will want to participate in a wine tasting while in Paris. The tasting will allow them to experience wine like the French do will learn how the French can enjoy their meals, socialize, and relax so well after a great glass of wine. Food is another big part of France’s culture and there are numerous cooking classes that couples can take together in Paris while learning how to cook a favorite French meal.

The French Riviera is the perfect place for couples who want nothing but rest and relaxation on their honeymoon. Couples can choose to ride a boat or sit underneath the palm trees while enjoying a picnic lunch and a glass of wine. The beaches are spectacular and not crowded with a million other people sharing the space.

Vineyards, wineries, gardens, and historic Chateaux fill the Loire Valley and it is simple for couples to reach this destination by car. They can spend their days wandering through the valley while trying new wines and watching the sun set over the vineyards.

In Nice, couples can visit the town square of CoursSaleya and stroll amongst the vendors at the flower and vegetable market before walking down the promenade to the water. A picnic lunch can be enjoyed on the promenade or couples can choose to dine at one of the many fine restaurants in Nice.

A France honeymoon is a fantastic choice for many newlyweds, because it is an amazing place for couples to declare their love to the entire world. Every part of their France trip will have meaning as they travel through the country and begin to add more to their continuing love story.