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Miami, Florida ( Webnewswire ) March 1, 2017 – ANZZI design group produces wide array of hardware and fixtures that are specially designed for kitchen and bathroom. They are known for the traditional European style of their products. The materials used in their products are ensured that they satisfy all the Rhino Alloyâ„¢ build standards, which were set forth by ANZZIâ„¢ to approve only the best quality material builds.

ANZZIâ„¢ is a proprietary brand of well renowned SWCORPâ„¢, formerly Spa World Corp, whose objective is to provide North America with affordable high quality bathroom fixtures. Recently, the company has made many changes to improve the global market of their goods by increasing the productivity range of their products and expanding their facility to inventory them.

Spokesperson, Aimee Sullivan proudly states that,” The mission of our company is to integrate the conceptual and technical expertise with creative designs which makes our products one of a kind. We strive to create highly aesthetical and functional spaces suitable for all environments. Our company has some of the best designers under their wing, who build innovative products to meet the ever changing expectations of the customers. Our high end and luxury kitchen and bathroom products would help to express style of our customers confidently.” She also added,” is one of the best online shopping websites which is hailed as the right place to discover world class designer brands for any product. We are proud to announce ANZZI products are now listed in their home décor collection”

An enthusiastic customer shared her ANZZI experience. She said,” ANZZI Kros is a free standing tub faucet. I absolutely love this product as it allows me to comfortably relax in the tub without having to squirm around to find a comfortable position where my foot doesn’t hit the faucet. Now I can easily rest and run my foot under the soothing water that it outputs. I definitely recommend it.”

About the Anzzi

ANZZI is a leading kitchen and bathroom appliance manufacturer whose objective is to deliver high quality products that are worthy to be stamped with the ANZZIâ„¢ brand. For more details, visit:

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Name: Aimee Sullivan or Joe Schwartz
5701 NW 35th Avenue
Miami,FL, USA- 33142
Phone(844) 442-6994