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Have you ever felt like your traditional background and cultural values were ignored or put aside due to Western styles from American TV shows dominating our stores, magazines and all-in-all our daily lives?
Have you been influenced to wear Levi jeans or Armani jackets, because everyone has accepted those as the new ‘norm’ of clothing? Have you felt that all you want is to be able to express your rich cultural heritage through your traditional clothes, but felt that they would stand out too much from the new ‘norm’ of fashion?
You’re not alone.
Due to the increase of American TV shows and the rise of modern styles of clothing, traditional clothing has almost completely been forgotten and put aside to make way for expensive labels and styles. These styles forced a new idea of fashion onto people that do not necessarily want to dress that way. They have even forced some cultures completely out of people’s lives, as people start to dress and act in a way that popular culture expects them to.
So how do we restore that love for tradition and culture in people, and help them re-surface out of a whirlpool of Americanized fashion in order to express the true African colours of their cultures?
ANTG Ekasi have thought of exactly those aspects, and have considered people’s feelings towards their cultures to be an important aspect to maintain in their lives and integrate them into their daily activities.
How can these people integrate their culture, and not completely stand out among the crowd?
ANTG Ekasi specialize in creating African outfits and handbags that integrate African print to inspire people to share their culture and treasure it. This is a means for people to express themselves and who they really are, that can be easily accepted and even applauded by society.
The team at ANTG Ekasi incorporates elements of the Americanized fashion with Africanprint to create unique items of clothing in accordance to your tastes and specifications. They carefully listen to your ideas and preferences, and find creative and astounding ways of incorporating your culture into your clothes to really boost your confidence, boost your appeal, and show off your true personality.
If you aren’t completely ready to submerge yourself in these clothing lines, but you feel that you need a boost in the right direction, ANTG Ekasi also creates African print bags to provide you with that touch of your culture in a delicate way that would match your current style.

ANTG Ekasi admires people’s willingness to stay true to their cultural roots and their desire to express themselves in terms of their cultural background. They respect people’s desires to acknowledge and pride their cultures, and their ancestors, as a person’s culture is the basis of their personality on top of which they grow and learn. So why should someone’s identity be forgotten to please a newly spreading Americanized style? Why shouldn’t one’s culture be complimented through modern African attire, and applauded for their confidence to express themselves?
ANTG Ekasi tries to provide all their clients with that extra boost of confidence and a stepping stone towards expressing their cultural background in modern society.

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‘For the love of fashion, design and colour’