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Simply speaking, a community is an assembly of people who interact with each other and who have a common interest in most of the social events, and public properties. Community health Nursing or community nursing is the fusion of nursing and public health practice used to help and guard the health of population, and provide necessary nursing service that is essential in any treatment procedure. It includes all the fundamental elements of specialized nursing practices, clinical nursing practices, along with public health and community practice. In various nursing collages, and institutes thousands of students take admission in community nursing courses, and take preparation to become efficient professionals in this field.

A community health nurse attempts to promote prevention over treatment. She helps common people understand the dos and don’ts in good health practices. She advises people on healthy living, healthy diets, and healthy lifestyle. She also advises people on how to maintain a safe home or work environment through essential hygienic practices. The goal of a community nurse is to teach and instruct the patients through community-based intervention curricula, which recognize and correct numerous health issues: Improper diet, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, social violence, STDs, unhealthy living, etc.

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