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Onyx colour ranges from almost white to every colour, but the best effects of Onyx Gemstone is derived, if it is of green colour, when it strengthens Planet Mercury. Green Onyx Gemstone is also considered as subsidiary Gemstone of Emerald Gemstone, which is prime Gemstone for Planet Mercury. It has been derived from the Greek and Latin word known as the “claw” or “finger nail”. It is polished, carved and then it is sold. The luster is silky and vitreous. Onyx gemstone Ring Onyx improves concentration and encourages happiness and good fortune. The onyx gemstone is believed to have the power to pacify the negative thoughts. It helps the wearer become very eloquent, and so most speakers wear the onyx during public speaking activities. It aids in pursuing our own objectives with determination.
Where it is found: It is usually found in South America and India.


• Element – Fire
• Attuned to- the Root Chakra
• Zodiac – Gemstone of Leo
• Dreaming of Onyx – Signifies happiness, finding a good companion, peace of mind, spiritual and mental balance.

Benefits of Onyx Gemstone Ring –

• Onyx gemstone enhances stamina, strength, self-control and durability.
• Onyx gives inner strength. It promotes vigour, loyalty and stamina.
• Natural Onyx stone Imparts self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings.
• Onyx ring enhances self-control, banishes grief and stimulates the power of wise decision-making.
• Onyx treats disorders of the blood, bones and bone marrow. It is beneficial for the feet and the teeth.
• Onyx boosts our sense of responsibility and self-confidence.
• Onyx also protects the user against negative vibes and thoughts. Onyx stone jewellery like ring is worn in order to defend oneself against negativity.
• It alleviates worry, nervousness and tension, eliminates nightmares and confusion.
Procedure for wearing Onyx stone Ring–
Onyx Gemstone should preferably be worn in Silver. It can be worn either as a pendant, ring or bracelet.
Onyx stone Ring is a wonderful ring to carry into struggle situations, in which you have to be kept, cool headed. It also protects against the evil eye and eases childbirth. Onyx stone Ring perfectly works with first, second and sixth chakra. It is also used to heal the past traumas. All-natural Onyx Ring is believed to bring rejuvenation when feeling tired, exhausted and depleted of energy. The one who is involved in the financial investment can also wear this gemstone as it helps them to achieve their target and also boost their income.