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Whoever wants a nice, digital, sports watch with a backlit display that displays time, date and the day of the week for well under the $50 price range is going to find the Adidas Duramo Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch absolutely adorable. It has an alarm, a timer and a stopwatch, so if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you are looking at something that will stay with you for a long time to come.

The three Adidas stripes are known by anyone who has trodden the sportive ground even for a short time, so, the Adidas Duramo Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch brings you the chance to return to the cool, sporty days of young adulthood. If you are someone in his or her mid to late teens, the Duramo is going to fetch you many compliments.

Named after the series of footwear by Adidas, the Adidas Duramo Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch has been made to be as comfortable on the wrist as the shoes are to the feet. It sports the iconic three stripes that make the Adidas brand readily recognisable and also adds a stylish and sporty touch to anything that they are printed upon.

The yellow, ridged silicone strap of the Duramo watch is broad enough to match its oversized, positive digital display. When you are tracking your workouts and do not have the time to look close enough, the extra large display comes to your aid.

The Adidas Duramo Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch looks bigger than it is; therefore, it is a fabulous choice for anyone with a fascination for big and lightweight wrist wear; or if you have really, really big arms! Even if your wrists are not that wide, the Adidas Duramo Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch is going to fit you nicely and no way appear awkward.

Without the back light on, the display of the Adidas Duramo Quartz ADP3237 Watch is neutral to dark gray with black digits appearing on it. The face lights up at the press of a button in a light-cyan hue. In a well-lit very room or environment it might appear dim but in darkness, its brightness is going to take you aback pretty much. The light does its job and it does it well.

Sunny outdoors add quite a bit of shine to the Adidas Duramo XL Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch, which actually makes it a very cool leisurewear. That’s because the materials are well-suited for the design; at the first glance, it look like a luxury digital watch but soon you realise it’s actually made to be used and not to be babied.

Whether you are going for a cruise or a ride on a powerful, big bore machine or even snorkelling or scuba-dive, the very sporty look of the Adidas Duramo Digital Quartz ADP3237 Watch is a perfect choice to go with your casual and athletic wear.