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The improving technologies are changing the way we see the world. The digitization of the business operation is now in trend. Companies are highly investing in technology to make their system work on automation. It saves a lot of time as well as it increases the production.

Entrepreneurs have adopted the changing environment of Indian economy. They are aware of the consequence they might face if they ignore the digitization.

However, Job Industry is stagnant on the old classic method. The available companies which are providing job search and recruitment services are not upgrading themselves to level up with the booming market. As result, this industry, in terms of growth is far behind from the industries of other segments.

Aasaanjobs CEO Dinesh Goel observed this recurring problem and took the initiative to Digitize the Job industry. He started working on the project with the vision of providing job to each individual without any hassle.

The person who is in the need of job can register and apply on the Aasaanjobs website or use the android app. Once the details are filled by a job seeker, the data goes to the individual managers at Aasaanjobs who manages the candidate profile. Their job is to screen the candidate for their skill and determine what kind of the job they can apply for. The close review of candidate assures the person to get a right job at the right place.

The Aasaanjobs website is a multi-purpose platform. It allows job seekers and recruiters to register and perform the required activities. Both the parties, job seeker and recruiters communicate at one place to help each other. The job seekers get the right job in their favourite companies and the recruiter easily finds the proficient employee at the lowest CTC.

The digitization of the Job platform simplified the industry. In India, the mobile users are growing infinitely. Providing the best service to these users is a big challenge for the industry. Aasaanjobs has noticed the requirement and took a two-way approach to reach the mobile users. The first step was making it easy to surf Android mobile app. The android app is available for free to download. The users can now use Aasaanjobs mobile app to submit their resume and instantly receive the job application on their mobile devices. The team of Aasaanjobs has tested the app for best user experience. It gets updated with the newer version periodically.

The second step was to have a mobile friendly website. Many mobile users prefer to visit the website through mobile web surfing. To make their experience comfortable the mobile website was a basic need for the company. So, the management decided to have a separate mobile website. This added extra benefit to the company. The users started reaching easily to the company. The time took to fill the forms and reach the recruiter significantly dropped after the launch of the mobile site.

Saving the time of the user and giving easy to access platform was the ultimate goal to make everything digital.

“By utilizing smart and advanced technology you can reach a larger audience quickly.” said Dinesh Goel CEO of Aasaanjobs.

The Aasaanjobs platform has been utilized by millions of users across India. The Android mobile app has downloaded by more than 5 million users since its launch in 2014. The Aasaanjobs recruitment services have helped top companies in India to find the right candidate for the job.

India soon will become a global industrial hub which will attract foreign investors in the country. This will increase the requirement of the right candidate for the job. The Aasaanjobs is prepared for the challenge and they trust their hard working team to provide the best recruitment service to the companies.