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“There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect, you lose the point. You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are” – Emma Watson.

To close out 2016 renowned designer Shruti Sancheti has unveiled her fashionable New Year Collection deeply influenced by the traditional vibes of continental splendour, transforming old world look into contemporary, to wear pieces which would manifest the real you.
The collection proposes quintessential free spirited bohemian vibe with dash of organic vintage mood. A dainty and refined colour palette consisting of soft hues of marshmallow, wheat, apricot, ecru, sand, caramel, dusty orange, rose, ocean blue, muted indigo, chrome, chartreuse, bamboo, canary yellow, olive, pomegranate and poppy red have been used in a tasteful but trendy manner. Easy separates in form of free flowing ankle length maxi’s, midi dresses, pleated skirts, off shoulder blouses and dresses, wide legged pants have been incorporated to impart a stylish look.The collection is totally global and cosmopolitan but has retained its Indian soul.

Adorn the designs by Shruti Sancheti to start off a pristine and a refined year with panache!

Price range: Rs.8000 to Rs.37000