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United States stamps

Cherrystone Auctions, a global leader in auctions of stamps and stamp-related collectables based in New York City, will hold its next auction in March of 2017. The auction house holds stamp sales at regular intervals, approximately every six to eight weeks.

The deadline for submitting material to be sold at Cherrystone’s approaching auction has already passed: the submission deadline was January 10, 2017. Cherrystone’s website indicates, however, that they are willing to accommodate single owner sales if necessary. Those interested in selling their stamp collection, or other collectables related to stamp and postal history, are encouraged by Cherrystone to contact the auction house via email or the contact form on their website. More information about the process by which individuals are able to sell material through Cherrystone is also available on their website, at

For those who wish to place bids or simply attend the March 2017 auction, which is advertised to feature items under the umbrella of “U.S. and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History,” there is the option of participating remotely through the CherrystoneLive feature, an interactive bidding system that can be accessed on Cherrystone’s website. Of course, stamp enthusiasts and the general public may attend Cherrystone’s stamp sales in person at their New York City galleries. Those unable to participate either online or in person are still able to bid using written, absentee bids or by utilizing Cherrystone’s auction agents to bid on their behalf.

Beyond the March 2017 auction, Cherrystone has already scheduled further auctions for May 2017 and July 2017. The New York City auction house lists and describes the material that will be up for sale ahead of time, posting this information to their website in the weeks prior to each auction.

Those interested in purchasing stamps, and the stamp collecting hobby in general, may also visit Cherrystone Auctions’ online stamp store, , which is also able to be accessed through their website. Cherrystone constantly refreshes the stock of their online store, which contains thousands of collectable stamps sortable by region/country and also by the subject matter depicted on the stamp.

Cherrystone Auctions brings over $30 million in stamps and postal history material to market each year. Their offerings from around the world are consistently among the most diverse and rare collections of philatelic material sold anywhere. The company was founded as a retail store in 1967 and has since accumulated several decades of experience at the highest levels of the industry, maintaining membership in all major U.S. and European Philatelic Societies.

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