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Alexandria, Virginia (webnewswire) January 19, 2017 – The Brown Firm PLLC is offering their wealth of knowledge and experience to those looking for a traffic defense attorney in Northern Virginia. Their expert traffic defense attorneys have great experience defending clients with all types of infractions, from DUI/DWI to speeding. Because the penalties for these offenses can be severe, having an experienced traffic defense attorney is key to securing the best possible outcome. The Brown Firm is uniquely suited to provide traffic defense because of their familiarity with Virginia law, and their expertise across all types of cases.

The Brown Firm provides traffic defense attorneys for a wide range of traffic infractions, including first, second, and third DUI offense, felony DUI, driving without a license or with a suspended license, reckless driving, speeding, traffic tickets, hit and run, eluding the police, racing, and more. The Brown Firm’s traffic defense attorneys also regularly handle legal cases involving commercial drivers, who are covered by different laws and face unique penalties. They take an active approach to traffic defense – building a case from the very beginning of their involvement, rather than waiting until just before the court date. This preparation, backed by their expertise, allows them to obtain the best outcomes for their clients – often reducing or negating potential penalties.

The Brown firm has been serving the Northern Virginia area for over 75 years and, in addition to traffic defense, offers their talented services on many other types of cases. They work with civil cases, such as disputes involving contracts or agreements, disputes between individuals or businesses, and disputes involving contractors/subcontractors. Employment law is another area where the Brown Firm has been working tirelessly for their clients over the decades. A plethora of information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), breaches of employment contracts, the Family and Medical Leave act, wage disputes, and whistleblower litigation can be found on their website. Brown attorneys have experience with issues specific to Virginia and DC, including employment discrimination, wrongful termination, payment and collection laws, and non-compete laws. Their legal blog offers a wealth of news and in-depth looks into specific issues related to civil rights litigation and other areas of the law.

The Brown Firm has offered legal services to the Alexandria, Virginia and DC Metro Area for over 75 years. Their principal attorney, Christopher E. Brown, has a reputation as a talented litigator and carries on the legacy of his grandfather, Edwin C. Brown Sr, a champion of the civil rights movement. The Brown Firm is located at 526 King Street, Suite 207, Alexandria, VA 22314. They can be reached by phone at 703-828-0900. More information is available on their website at