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Bangalore, January, 2017: A four day celebration of the most passionate youngsters, the most creative minds, the misfits and basically the coolest folks from around the country at ‘The Under 25 Summit’ Bangalore turned into an action packed celebration with over 5,000+ people attending it every day. Over 4 days including 50+experience zones, 200+ speakers, performers and artists kept the crowds busy all 4 days! The summit brought together musicians, artists, techies, designers, entrepreneurs for an ultimate immersive learning experience.

Key highlights:

“In this country, if you don’t scream and yell then nobody gives a damn.” So said Arnab Goswami to a packed house at the 2017 Under 25 summit in Bengaluru on Sunday. 3,000-odd young audience attended the Arnab Goswami’s session

One of Bengaluru’s oldest food trucks showed up at the Under 25 summit’s ‘Gravy Train’, bringing their signature mixture of Goan and modern dishes. The menu ranges from sausage and bacon rolls to double barrel hot dogs; all served up to order

The second day (January 6) of the Under 25 Summit continued to maintain the heady momentum associated with the event and was dedicated to art and design. The finale was hosted at the Indigo Live Music Bar, which played to a packed house. Aditya Mehta, an art curator, exhorted the audience to keep innovating. Gopalakrishnan, one of the eight artists of Kadak Collective, spoke about her journey into making art and illustrations and using graphic novels as a medium of storytelling, using pages from her work

The coolest barbecue in the country- The Barbeque Bike had something even more special – an amazing royal Enfield bullet with attached griller. The brainchild of Arun Varma, Nijesh Nair and Krishna Varma, the setup is simple enough. They have a brand new 500 cc Bullet Classic with a barbeque grill attached as a side car

The Kadak collective, a group of eight artists and illustrators, has hosted their reading room session and it has some very relate-able graphic novels. The beauty of stories told through these graphic novels is that they touch a deeper chord with people as they are based on subjects that are personal to each one of us. The session started with a little bit of shaking legs to music to break the ice and an introduction of Lala herself. A little walk through her book and the session kicked started with Lala assigning activities for self-expression and dwelling deeper into self

Poornima Sukumar, the girl behind Aravani Art Project spoke about transgender and lot more at Under 25 Summit. Her current art project, titled ‘Aravani Art Project’ is a creation that will capture your thoughts, delight your eyes and make you aware of transgender and their life. The subject of the art project at this summit was ‘What is a man, What is a woman and What is transgender? Is it the way one dresses up or the way one feels about themselves?’ The participation was encouraging and the young crowd showed their open mindset by playing with their looks and accessories themselves in any way they liked

Talking about the success of the summit Anto Philip and Shreyans Jain, Co-Founder, Under 25 Summit said, “India’s largest youth festival held in Bangalore, the Under 25 Summit 2017 has been a spectacular hit among the millennials from around the country who showed up in numbers to attend the four day extravaganza. The speaker sessions wowed the attendees and so did the various experience zones created with so much thought and a personal touch. Only good vibes were found across the venue.”

Here’s the coolest part: the 22 year old co-founders Shreyans Jain and Anto Philip announced that they’d be doing a 29 city tour in 2017 with Under 25 Summit going to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well

“We want to make sure that youngsters from the largest metros to the smallest towns experience the Summits and we will do whatever it takes to make that possible” they added.