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In our modern world, there have been a lot of inventions that have had a significant impact in our lives. To simply put it, we rely on these inventions which make everyday life easier. Likewise, one of the greatest inventions in the domain of computer peripherals has to be the USB flash drive. You don’t have to agree, but there are solid reasons why these handheld portable data storage devices are considered so valuable for the average user.

Ever wonder why USB drives are often referred to as ‘thumb drives’, well, that’s because they are roughly the size of an average human thumb. Before USB drives were invented, users had to carry with them several CDs, most of them were capable of storing no more than 4 gigabytes of information. What’s more, these CD’s were fragile and could break easily upon the slightest of bending, they would also scratch easily and had a limited lifespan. Luckily, when USB drives came along, they had none of the weaknesses. Many USB drives are capable of saving several gigabytes of data, a range that includes several gigabytes. In terms of durability, USB drives are far more durable than any CD or DVD, you can place them in your jeans pocket, and they won’t bend or break unlike a CD.

However, USB drives are not without weaknesses. For once, their small size, given that it’s a blessing, can also be a curse, as they are prone to loss or theft. What’s more, not only is it hard to digest the loss of a USB drive which can cost several hundred dollars, there’s the risk of data leaks. It’s likely that the person who lost their USB flash drive might have some sensitive information saved on his or her lost device. Information such as addresses, copies of driver’s license, photos, videos, tax returns, and all such information can potentially lead to incidents of identity theft. Your information can be sold on the dark web where, depending on the value of the stolen data, can be sold from hundred to millions of dollars.
Cyber-criminals have become experts in stealing personal information, all they have to do is piece together bits of personal information on you, once they have all the necessary information lined up, they can assume the victim’s ID, this can allow them to apply for loans and credit cards in the victim’s name.


Nonetheless, it’s quite easy to use USB flash drive without risking data leaks, all the user has to do is install a USB lock onto their devices, a USB lock is a form of USB security that password protects any external drive. One of the most comprehensive and dynamic USB lock that provides fool proof USB security is Lock USB. Lock USB is unique as it provides cross platform protection that means USB device locked on a Windows PC cannot be unlocked on a Mac, Linux or Chromebook PC. Most USB Locks don’t have his feature, and this is what sets apart Lock USB from other USB Security software.

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