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We all have witnessed that Apple Watch, Google Glass, Oculus Rift and many such devices have taken strong place in the technology news headlines. And having said that, it’s certain that the focus will be continued on the development of wearable devices and hence, the apps that can be run in such devices. A study shows that almost 50 of every 100 people have shown interest in using wearable devices at present or in the future due to their personal or professional interest.

People have started embracing these wearable apps and their amazing technological benefits. Ecosmob Technologies is an Ahmedabad based company having specialized IT, VoIP and Development solutions to offer. The company has also mastered the art of developing applications for wearable apps.

A company representative said that there are some excellent perks of using particular wearable applications, for various industry verticals. He gave 2 examples how these apps and wearable app development could be magical for certain sectors:

1. For Field Technicians
Field technicians are mostly inherently mobile. They need a tool which keeps them connected to experts while they’re in the field. A wearable device with a full-fledged application can provide them with a hands-free communication. So Field Technicians while on site, can seamlessly collaborate with the experts.

2. For Drivers
The wearable app development also increases safety and productivity of the worker. For example – a truck driver can wear a wearable device having a GPS app installed, which helps him have accurate satellite navigation directions. Plus, it also keeps him ahead of the traffic issues. This way, a wearable app development can prevent that driver taking his eyes off the road and possibility of accident automatically reduces.

The representative informed, “This is not it. There are many more industry verticals that can take benefit from wearable application development – Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Travel, Entertainment, etc.”

As he further said, wearable app development with smart devices has enhanced user experience and has been proven as a boon for many business verticals as said above. “This is why Ecosmob provides some best wearable app development services,” he counted.

Wearable App Development Services:

– App development for Google Glass and other Android smart devices
– App development for Apple Watch and other iOS smart devices
– Developing IoT-based wearable applications
– Application’s UX and UI design and development
– Application upgradation for existing wearable apps
– Custom application development

“This kind of technological advancements has come up with certain intelligent and smart devices and thereby revolutionized the digital era. Hope this revolution continues at the same pace with many more such advancements,” the person concluded.

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