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La Bella Flora is a children’s boutique dedicated to providing children at home with beautiful clothes as well as helping raise money for orphans abroad. Since its inception just a decade ago, it’s grown dramatically, offering a vast range of clothing options to tweens, toddlers, and babies.

Now the company is showcasing its Livie & Luca lineup of boots, shoes, and sandals for girls. There’s a vast selection available on the site, and every item is handmade using soft leather, offering superior comfort to your child.

La Bella Flora claims that the Livie & Luca brand is one of the best in the business. The owner says that whenever she goes shopping for her daughter, she looks for Livie & Luca shoes first. For her, these shoes offer the best quality, are the cutest and are incredibly versatile, providing all sorts of options for different outfits.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of Livie & Luca shoes is their ability to cope with the demands of children’s active lifestyles. Unlike many designer makes of shoes, they’re actually built with quality and durability in mind. There are various grades of rubber soles on the shoes, says La Bella Flora, as well as helpful velcro fasteners. What’s more, the company says, Livie & Luca is a brand that makes clothes that young girls themselves actually want to wear.

Livie & Luca Line Up

Take their petal shoes, for instance. At the moment, these are on sale in daisy blue, bright green and lilac (to mention just a few), and like the rest of the shoes in the range, have been meticulous designed and built by hand by people who love to make beautiful clothing for kids. The shoe has a petal accent on the top that strides across the toes with a subtly different color to the leather underneath and peepholes for the toes. According to La Bella Flora, it’s a great shoe for wearing with spring outfits, thanks to its fresh appeal and bright colors.

La Bella Flora is also hosting Livie & Luca Whitney shoes in a range of colors. There are boot-styled shoes, coated with suede fabrics and a wing tip style to emphasize the toes. The top of the boot is trimmed with leather and can be worn with leggings to add an edgy touch to any girl’s favorite outfit.

You can also find the designer’s Pio Pio lineup on the La Bella Flora site. These shoes have a distinct wildlife feel and are adorned with little appliques of hedgehogs, birds, and other woodland motifs. Livie & Luca have designed this part of their range to be used by older girls, as well as girls just taking their first steps. The shoe comes with a rubber split sole to allow tiny toes to grip the ground as you child takes their first steps.

Then, finally, there are the Nova sandals. “These red sandals are what every little dreamer could want,” the company says, “with a shooting star placed on the top of the foot and … leather straps coming from it in rainbows of color.”

Customers say that they “love the quality of the clothing.” Click here to view the Livie & Luca range.

LaDonna Felke, Founder
Address: 4571 CR 35 Auburn, IN 46706
Telephone: 260-927-9951