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There inevitably comes a time in a young girl’s life when she wants to start wearing earrings. It’s a normal part of growing up and becoming a woman, but how safe is it? Many parents are worried that ear piercings put their child at risk because of the potential of nickel allergy.

At the moment, the vast majority of ear piercing earrings contain nickel, even if they are advertised as primarily containing silver and gold. The main reason for this, of course, is to keep the cost down, but there’s a problem with using nickel. Nickel ions can break off from the body of the earring while it is being worn, penetrate the skin and get into the bloodstream. Once this happens, it is intercepted by the body’s immune system and can lead to an allergic reaction. Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes this reaction, but it is thought to have something to do with the body confusing nickel ions with regular pathogens, like viruses and bacteria. Exposure to nickel can cause dermatitis as well as a host of other unpleasant symptoms.

For many parents, this is a significant source of concern. The problem with nickel exposure is that once a child has been exposed, they will retain their nickel allergy for life, thanks to the fact that their body now treats nickel is a threat. This can then produce life-long symptoms which must be managed and controlled by avoiding anything contain nickel, including zippers, watches, eyeglasses and coins.

Medical Earrings

Now, though, Blomdahl USA, says it has solutions. It’s offering parents a range of what it’s calling “medical earrings” constructed of safe plastics and titanium, which don’t cause allergic reactions.

At the moment Bloomdahl is the only outlet in the entire country to offer non-nickel alternatives to concerned parents. All the materials that the company uses are approved by the FDA and currently used in industrial-grade medical devices like heart valves and surgical screws. The company also stresses that its plastic alternatives meet the strictest standards and are both latex and BPA free.

The company hopes that the new medical grade materials it is offering will enable young girls to avoid the problems of nickel allergy later in life. The ear piercing stage is a crucial moment, and one that is important to get right and so it’s worth investing the extra time and effort, they say.

Of course, the company is keenly aware that it also has to offer jewelry that girls will find attractive, so it’s not a purely medical outlet. It provides a range of stylish earrings, just as any other retailer would, except with the crucial difference that it doesn’t sell products that contain potentially harmful chemicals. Customers are happy with the service that they have received from the company, with one customer from Florida saying that she was “in love with the earrings that [she] just purchased from” and that she “will definitely be ordering from them again!”

All of the company’s products are manufactured in Sweden using the latest clean room technology, including posts, backs, and studs of all the earrings in their line. Click here to find out more about the company and to see the many earrings styles it offers.

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