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Bangalore, January 4th 2016: Never tried, never know! Start the season by trying something new! The latest collection of nail polishes from Studio West are like never before! Available only at StudioWest, Westside.

From metallic finishes to iridescent glitters, bubbly confetti to glossy shimmers, StudioWest introduces an all new range of 12 beautiful textured nail polishes this party season. Experiment with these exclusive polishes, to create beautiful effects on your fingertips. The distinctiveness of each texture allows your hands to tell a new story every time!

Priced at INR 195/-, choose from a wide range of unique color palates this party season with ‘Texture Play’. Nail polishes available across Westside stores in the country.
Say goodbye to the mundane and try something exciting! Texture Play, the hottest new range only at StudioWest, Westside.