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Urgent care Los Angeles , Vermont Urgent Care, began their quest in providing outstanding health care to patients over 40 years ago. Today, they continue to stay strong in their belief that each patient deserves quality care and attention from their doctors and nurses. Vermont Urgent Care Los Angeles promises patients that their health is always a top priority. By making patients top priority at Vermont Urgent Care, they have cultivated a nurturing, patient focused environment that ensures patrons receive the attention they need from a medical facility.

The staff at urgent care Los Angeles has the training and experience to treat a variety of ailments and injuries, just as a trusted medical facility should. Urgent care Los Angeles will perform routine check-ups, as well as any non-emergency treatment quickly and efficiently. In addition, Vermont Urgent Care has a selection of weigh loss treatments, including non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Since this urgent care Los Angeles is not an emergency room, life-threatening situations are not treated here so wait times are significantly less than that of an emergency room. Patients will also discover that their bill for care is a fraction of the cost. Urgent care Los Angeles prides itself on providing quality care quickly, efficiently, and for a fraction of the cost as that of an emergency room. They accept most forms of insurance, as well as cash or credit card payments.

About Vermont Urgent Care

Vermont Urgent Care has a staff of dedicated and attentive nurses and doctors. Urgent care Los Angeles makes patients the top priority and leads the industry in providing quality health care for those in need. Vermont Urgent Care understands and cares about the needs of their patients. For detailed information about this facility visit their website. Walk-ins are welcome at 1435 S. Vermont Ave #100, Los Angeles, CA 90006.

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Dana Smith
Company Name: Vermont Urgent Care & Multi Specialty Center
Phone Number: (213) 386-2511
Address: Los Angeles, CA