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HDFC RED’s #ChristmasIsRED campaign was a shade of brilliance this festive season. Easily relatable and creatively vivid, it was wonderfully executed by FruitBowl Digital by bringing together household and Christmas elements.

FruitBowl Digital, a Mumbai-based digital marketing agency recently executed a highly successful social media campaign during Christmas ’16 for the renowned real estate and property solution provider HDFC RED. The campaign called #ChristmasIsRED was a fine example of social media marketing and specifically driving traffic to the brand. With a growing difficulty in finding the right kind of house, emerging online portals are making it easy and quick for the customers. HDFC RED is one such real estate and property solution provider that lets you find your ideal place by offering a wide range of assorted property options.  

Objective: As a home search solution provider, HDFC RED brought together the emotion quotient of Christmas and the elements of a house. The festive season was a strong enough idea to bring together these 2 elements and convey the message.  

Execution: The idea was carried on through a series of engaging and thought driven Twitter updates. Christmas elements like Decoration balls, Stockings, Christmas trees, Candy canes and gifts were shown in a creative manner, merged with daily objects that we can find in a house i.e. door keys, sofa, door knob, window panes and lock.

The hashtag for the campaign was #ChristmasIsRED in order to relate it to the festival and the brand color and the brand name itself, Red. The brand asked the audience to find their dream home this Christmas and celebrate the joy for the same. The audience instantly connected to the idea because of its topical nature and the campaign found wide acceptance instantly.

Result: The #ChristmasIsRED campaign had a 3000+ profile reach and more than 500% increase in engagement on the brand. Every tweet received a maximum of about 80+ re-tweets.

The campaign ended with a themed greeting update which was creatively crafted to align the brand and the festival. Overall, the campaign was successful in increasing the page following, getting spiked engagement rate, increase in overall impressions rate for the handle and improving the awareness factor for the brand.

It was a valuable lesson on how to leverage your brand’s proposition with a particular festival.

Rohan Gandhi, Digital Media Head, HDFC RED, said, “The idea was to show the festive cheer of Christmas and relate it to household elements. Every creative highlights the essence of celebration by using subtle details that are an integral part of a household.”

Fruitbowl Digital’s Co-Founder, Dedeepya Reddy had a similar take on this. She said, “We wanted to do something creatively radical, something which will stand out on Twitter this festive season. We saw an opportunity to display our creative prowess and went ahead with the idea. The fact that we got such a positive and fruitful outcome for a 2 day campaign only shows the potential of the brand to creatively explore the medium.”