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dr Bashi and his only son MohammadDr.Shakeer Bashi looks back at the situation that led him to escape his motherland and live in the U.S.

In the year 2000 Dr.Shakeer Bashi would not have thought that 16 years later he would be living as an immigrant in America the beautiful he only heard about on the radio. With a PHD in industrial engineering this was the last thing in his mind but things changed when Saddam Hussein’s terror army killed two of his brothers Mufeed and Haseeb Bashi over political suspicion. When the American army rolled into Iraq in 2003 the doctor would never have thought how this would greatly change his life. After the capture of Saddam Hussein his two notorious sons Udday and Qusay managed to sneak to Mosul where they lived in the house of Sheik Nawafal-Zaydan Muhhamad. The tribal leader had no choice but to allow the two terrorists to live under his roof due to threats to the family.

“The situation in Iraq at the time was volatile and law and order had broken down completely. We were living like prisoners and in constant fear. Luckily, I was able to make contact with Sheik Nawafal-ZaydanMuhhamad who happens to be my cousin and that is how the location of the two brothers came to be known. I was able to contact the U.S army who raided the home and killed Saddam sons,” Dr.Shakeer Bashi recounts.

“We were surprised to learn of the bounty each of the two brothers had when my cousin and I received US $15 million each for the information we had provided. This was double revengefor the pain the brothers had inflicted on our family and the entire country,” he adds.

“Looking back at all that happened to my family I can say this was the right decision to make. Saddam’s regime had ruined all of our lives and it is by God’s grace that we are alive today,” Dr.Shakeer Bashi says.

While the death of Udday and Qusay even the money did not bringback his dead brothers there is no gainsaying how this has changed his life. The doctor was given American citizenships and global protection for his bravery and today spends time between his homes in Florida and Michigan. His son ( Mohammed Bashi ) lives in Canada and also has extra security measures given by the US and Canadian intelligence agencies as many members of Saddam Hussein’s regime are still on the run.

Iraq has never fully recovered from Saddam’s terror and many families bear the scars such as those Dr.Shakeer Bashi. However, the doctor is grateful that he was able to jumpstart his life in the U.S and has continued following the news about his homeland with a lot of pain. While there have been some welcome developments on the political fronts in Iraq the doctor wishes he could see total peace in the land in his lifetime.

At 70 years Dr.Shakeer Bashi has seen it all and is now Wealthy in America.

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