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Niksonna is a new platform for bloggers, where the readers are sure to find unique content which they would find interesting and knowledgeable. The blog is designed and made for the purpose of providing quality articles and quality blog posts. It is a quality blog for the readers.

Readers find it difficult when there is infinite number of blogs out there. Amongst these blogs Niksonna stands out from the rest, as the primary focus of Niksonna is to provide quality content for the readers. The contents consists of topics from Business, Entertainment, sports, home & garden, fashion, health & fitness, laws and many other interesting topics. The layout of the blog is designed to give the reader pleasure of reading; the reader does not have to struggle to find the content he wants. When reader reaches the main page, he finds the featured posts on the top just below the navigation. Below this featured posts there are latest posts listed where user can scroll and find the latest posts, these featured posts are arranged by categories, so it becomes easier for the reader to get to the topic of their choice. All categories latest post are shown here.

Right bar on the front page has various informative sections. The top most section shows categories, user can click on any of the category and go to topics of that particular category. Below this section is the editor’s pick, in this section the blogs posts are selected by the editor based on the content which he thinks might be useful for the readers. This would be a great start for the readers if they are visiting for the first time. The footer of the website has the links to the social media of the Niksonna. There is link to twitter, Facebook and Google plus. The reader can also subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest post on the blog . The reader can also subscribe to the newsletter from Niksonna.

Since the primary focus of Niksonna is the content and choice of readers, it makes Niksonna really unique. It is a new blog with informative content. The content posted by bloggers is monitored for quality so the reader can be assured of the best content.

About Niksonna

Niksonna is a new blog with informative content. The readers get to read informative articles on the topic of their choice. Niksonna also provides the options to read the blog posts suggested by the editor. Amongst the crowd of other blogs, Niksonna stands out because of the quality of the blog posts. More details available at

Contact Person: Tom Fortman
Address: 223-M Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (917) 825-4942