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December 07, 2016, Morning, the 6.- magnitude earthquake damaged Indonesia. The quake injured homes, shops and mosques in the district of Pidie Jaya, and completely destroying hundreds of structures. The rescue operation should be made without delay. Asian Electric Appliances& Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. take a immediately action to make a help this earthquake. Asian Electric Appliances&Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. decided to donate a sum of funding and some essential cable wire that need in the reconstruction. Also, any discount can be offer, too.

Asian Electric Appliances& Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. is professional in manufacturing cable wire and other electric wire for nearly 18 years. They have more than 1000 types of wires in both home and industries application. Any cable wire can be offering, just like power cable , communication cable, home cable, control cable , connection wire. Asian Electric Appliances& Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. has enough experience in reconstruction for years, as the abound kinds of cable wire can also satisfy the inquire of disaster area. If you are in need of cable wire or your friend in need, plz contact them. Asian Electric Appliances& Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. can also offer you a series of cable solution as they also has a team of engineer experienced in kinds of project, like, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Asian Art Park, and SiShui Government. And earn a high praise from all of their customers.

Actually, Indonesia is located in the Earthquake zone, the earthquake is regular in this area. The quality of construction is important. Higher quality of the city construction can not only promise the safety in the disaster, but also be easier and offering more conveniences in the reconstruction. Indonesia is one of the exporter area of Asian Electric Appliances&Cables Technology Co.,Ltd.. Asian Electric Appliances& Cables Technology Co.,Ltd., offering cable wire for country building for years. The reputation has spreading among the country. This time, the action Asian Electric Appliances& Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. take has strengthen the cooperation between themselves. Just hope the reconstruction can be finished quickly and all the people can have their warm and bright home in the soon time.

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